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MS has the best browser and will continue to have the best browser with the release of IE7. A beta preview release of IE7 is now available. Refer to this post

IE7 is standards compliant. It has been reworked inside and out, and all the wanabe browsers will have a long way to go to match it, if that could be posible.

All site designers who have exploited css bugs to render their sites are going to be very sorry that they took that course now that IE has become standards compliant. But they were warned that this would happen. (It is never good programming practice to exploit bugs.) A number of site designers here will be going back to the drawing board, even Yahoo will have to do that.

MS has been listening all these years and has come out with another superior product. But you have not seen anything yet, just wait for the Vista and IE7 rollout! Spend some time on the MS site and educate your selves now to get a leg up on all of this, as every other professional webmaster is doing.

This is of course is all IMHO.