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Your IP Address is Banned in the StatCounter Forum.

Firstly, let us apologize.

We are very sorry for any confusion or upset caused by your finding yourself banned in our forum. Unfortunately, however, we have found it necessary to implement a number of measures such as IP and email address banning to protect our forum from spam.

Please note that usually a ban on your IP address is NOT a reflection on you personally, instead ranges of IP addresses which are frequently used by spammers are banned in bulk. Unfortunately, this can mean that you are inconvenienced as a result of the unscrupulous actions of some spammers.

Generally, specific IP addresses or IP address ranges are banned when it is firmly established that the specific IP address or range is being used for spamming purposes. Typically an IP is blocked when more than 5 spammers from that address or range sign up to the forum within 1 hour.

If you find that your IP is banned you should reset your internet connection and try to log into the forum again. Note that if you have a static IP address this solution will not work for you and you should simply contact the StatCounter Support team for further information here - make sure to quote your static IP address.

Note that if your ISP is allowing spammers access to their network of IP addresses, then it may not be possible for us to lift the ban on your IP as do to do so would allow floods of spam into our forum. In this case you should complain about the IP blacklisting to your ISP. The more people that complain, the less likely it is that ISPs will engage in this practice.

Note also that if you are using an open proxy server (e.g. for anonymous browsing) then there is a high degree of probability that you will not be able to use this IP address to sign up with the forum. This is because these kind of proxy servers are very popular with spammers and are therefore banned from our forum to safeguard it from floods of undesirable posts. In this case again, the ban on your IP address cannot be lifted as to do so would allow many spammers access to our forum.

Apologies again for any inconvenience!

Should you have queries, please contact the StatCounter Support Team here.

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