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Old 11-25-2008, 07:05 PM
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Default Why has my Worldpay subscription amount changed?

Apologies for any confusion - unfortunately it is not possible for us to amend the auto-email that is sent by Worldpay when a subscription amount changes.

If you have recently received a changed subscription amount email from Worldpay, this is because the Irish Government has changed the standard VAT rate from 21% to 21.5% for all invoices issued on or after 1 December 2008.

If you have a $9 net subscription for a 1,500 upgrade, for example, and you are subject to VAT, your payment amount will change from $10.89 ($9 plus 21% VAT) to $10.94 ($9 plus 21.5% VAT).

Broadly, only the following are subject to Irish VAT:
  • Non-VAT registered EU individuals/businesses i.e. those without a valid VAT number
  • All Irish resident individuals/businesses

Note that this information is current as at November 2008.
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