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Old 04-26-2007, 10:36 PM
RDRCarlos RDRCarlos is offline
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Exclamation My website doesnt work on some computers.

I put together a fairly complex website and it doesn't function on some computers, especially macs. I used the Microsoft script editor to write the pages and used vbscript as the scripting language. I originally thought it might of been because I didnt have the <!DOCTYPE> tag as the first line on all the pages but even after including the tag, no change (actually there was a change. All the text fonts were changed but no functionality change).

Problem 1:

On my first page I use the [SetInterval] function to execute commands at a specific time interval. This works fine on my writing computer and on my test computer. It also works fine on my friend's computer of whom I'm writing the site for. Another friend has a mac and he can load the page but the event timer doesn't work. Another friend has a PC and again, the timer doesnt start on his computer.

Problem 2:

My second page is my menu page. I used a table to set up my menu buttons. I used the table cells themselves as the buttons rather than adding extra <input> tags. I used CSS to simulate the cells as buttons. Again, the buttons work fine on both my computers and on my first friends computer but not on my other 2 friends' computers. They can load the page but the buttons don't work and the curser doesn't change on their computers when they mouseover the buttons.

On my pages, I use the following script in the [window_onload] function to change the browser size to maximum.

window.moveTo 0, 0
window.resizeTo window.screen.availWidth,window.screen.availHight

Could this be a possible problem?

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
Old 04-26-2007, 11:14 PM
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As far as I know vbscript would be blocked by most computers as a security measure. Javascript would be OK, though even that is often blocked.

You have to design your site so it would not rely on any such scripts to render adequately and for navigation. Scripts are OK to be used for special effects, trinkets such as a clock, calendar, nothing essential, but you should have a working version that works without any scripts.

When using javascript you have the companion html tag <noscript> ... </noscript> that can be used to specify html code which will be presented when javascript is disabled. Make sure you use that properly.

As for you using table cells instead of buttons - you would need to manage their presentation with css. But you have to capture the click with a javscript onlick event. Again, if javascript is disabled then that would need an alternate html method.
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