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    Statcounter WP plugin doesn't show anymore in Chome

    After installing StatCounter WordPress plugin I am getting Error 403. I have contacted my hosting support & tried few available methods on the internet to resolve it on my own like but still the same. My website isn't...
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    Not tracking visits from mobile

    It might be due to 1. You haven't installed the tracking code for mobile devices if you are using different versions of the website for mobile devices (or you have disabled it on your end). 2. The mobile device doesn't support JS so StatCounter's code isn't executing on the device. 3. User has...
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    What is a referring URL?

    referring URL is something like who referred your website or more like "who sent the visitor to your website" or "From where the user is redirected to your website" Take an example you shared your website's link on facebook & from there, if somebody clicks on the link on land on your website...
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    Statcounter removed, but still receiving mails with weekly reports

    You have removed the StatCounter from your website but your Project is still active on their end. StatCounter's website is sending you weekly reports about your projects(Not your website). You might be receiving reports of 0 hits on your website. If you are not using StatCounter and don't want...
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    Way to count hits on forum posts/replies?

    Of course, you can do it. You don't even need to use StatCounter for it. What you have to do is add this PHP code to the footer of your page "mail("","My subject","MyNotificationMessage"); " so every time somebody visits your page and start reading, You will get an email...