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    Position of Statcounter on Web page

    You can position the visible counter wherever you like it on the page, using CSS (styling) of the content. I don't know if I can explain it correctly in English, but I try and others may fill in if they want. ;) Since you say you have the counter code on the bottom of the page source, I guess...
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    site owner stats counted

    If you don't tell that's you, how would anybody know? Check the options for cookie blocking and IP blocking, in the projects config pages.
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    Hooray for Statcounter (Newspaper article)

    I can only second that! ;-)
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    Don't want to include my pageviews

    Those options already exist! When logged in to your account, click on the wrench (config) icon on the right (under "Settings") for the project name. You can also use the same link on the projects Summary page, on top of the left hand side menu with detailed stats.
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    Attaching code to an audio file

    Keep an eye on "Downloads" and "Download Activity" in your detailed stats. When a visitor click on the link to listen, i believe Statcounter log that as a download.
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    Do I have to put the SC code on every page?

    Yes, you need to put the SC code on every page you want to be logged, and to be able to follow how the visitors moves around on your site. The easiest way to do that, is to add the code on a part of the pages that are the same (added to) on all pages, like the footer. If you can't do that...
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    Moved to new domain

    You should add the new url to the project settings, since that's where the visitors are landed on also with the redirect.
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    "Seen nnn Times" line

    The code looks just fine, so there should not be any problem with the counting. I can also see there is a zero here: That means the numbers should be visible. But I don't see that "var sc_visible=0;" line with the project and security "var sc" lines. I'm not sure it is needed any more since I...
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    Confusing google ranking in stat counter

    Statcounter give you the "rank" from where on the search result page the specific visitor found the link to your page. It can be based on the visitors personal settings, interest and "behavior" that Google has registered about the visitor. The "rank" may not be the same as what you or...
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    Exclude search engine crawlers from the stats

    I believe the google-proxy is a human visitor, but the is new to me. Maybe Statcounter needs to edit the list of bots, or maybe they can explain it. So I have sent them a message about this. ;)
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    "Seen nnn Times" line

    What installation and plugin list etc. are you talking about? It is easier to help, you if you help us with more info and details. Now I have to guess again. Do you have a Statcounter account on ? I don't know much about Wordpress and even less about the theme you...
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    Exclude search engine crawlers from the stats

    They are all (generally at least) excluded already, since most are both image and Javascript disabled. So you need to be more specific about what you want. Also, give an example of an url coming from a search bot (crawler), if you see those in your stats.
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    "Seen nnn Times" line

    If you choose the visible counter option, you just add the "Seen" before and "Times" after the counter your self. It is possible that some (new) wordpress themes don't work well with the plugin. If you have a self hosted (you pay the host) you can use the default code and add it manually...
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    Is there a problem with the site?

    Have you tried the "plain" ? Even if the www also should take you to it.
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    Is there a problem with the site?

    There is no such thing as "" any more. Strange if your browsers don't redirect you (as they should) to But you should drop the "my." from the url anyway. ;)