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    Invalid Project ID

    Hi Kestar, has the issue been resolved? Please let me know if not and I will have it fixed promptly :-D
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    stats askew

    Hi JLB - is everything working for you now?
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    We like the statcounter forum

    Thank you! Hi all! Thank you for your kind words!
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    Download Log as Excel File

    Hi johnbav! Thank you for this suggestion. I will pass it on to our development team!
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    "Visits with URLs matching" not working

    Hi Michael, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Is everything working as normal now?
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    I am new here.

    Hi Hi jerfrank, welcome to the StatCounter forum!
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    Exclude own website visits from tracking ?

    Hi Arminius Yes. If you click the silver wrench to the right of your project. This brings you to an installation and configuration menu. Select 'Create Blocking Cookie' and this will hide your activity. "A blocking cookie prevents your own visits to your website from being logged by...
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    Shared IP Address Labels

    Thank you bossy! I will make sure to bring this to our developers attention :-D
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    Fully Satisfied :)

    Thank you! Hi all, Thank you again for your positive words! Remember, if you think there is anything we could do better or that we could improve on, let us know!
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    Add warning... Download save..... Range set less than max. are you sure?

    Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I will pass this information on to our developers.
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    Statcounter not working with Tumblr

    Is everything working okay now?
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    Fully Satisfied :)

    Thank you very much for your kind words. They are greatly appreciated!