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    I am a spammer

    I use the hell out of it. I establish a country code with every session so if they visit a section with say eBay listing on it, I only show them only items available to their country. I get an update every 3 months and put it in a table in my own database.
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    I am a spammer

    I use MaxMind and am very happy with it.
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    Statcounter stopped working

    Maybe you can watch a football game while you're waiting for a response....
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    referer spam

    A referral from a web site that clearly does not link to me, You don't see a link when YOU look at it. Unscrupulous website owners will code the page so that when they load it there will be a bunch of links at the bottom. They click them all every few days...
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    New Forum Software

    Odd, I use it every day and it works just fine. It's what I have bookmarked. It's not "new" posts, it's "unread" posts. You have to mark them all as read if you want to skip them.
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    Removing android-app://

    Can we please get a way to remove android-app:// from our referers? This is only 30 minutes of my log so you can imagine what the page looks like. I'm soooooo tired of wading through them.
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    New Forum Software

    You can just use this...
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    SEO Questions & Anti-Scrapping Tips

    I do. Only posted internal links are followed.
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    How can I block Anonymizeme?

    I had this issue with spammers on my forum. They would save the registration form locally and run a script on it to register accounts. Since they saved the SC code also and were internet connected of course it fires when the script runs even though they are not on my site at all. To solve this...
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    Getting hits from

    Unless you reveal personal information on your website, how is looking at your site stalking?
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    'no referral link' and shared url's

    The main reason is the constant uptick in private browsing. It's only going to get worse. Just FYI, I click bookmarks probably 300 times a day.
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    We had ZERO choice, it was vote for a fool and/or criminal or don't vote.
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    Love to be able to hide the "Android App" in Recent Came From

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for all the referrals, but they're really getting in the way of things..... Usually I put ones I don't want to see in my site urls, but that doesn't work in this case.