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    Here is a strange thought.

    Mine is... and it's a female :roll:
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    Error after clicking project name

    I've had the same thing occasionally myself of late, I find logging in a 2nd or 3rd time allows me normal access.
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    Will statcounter in forum record search engine visits?

    The answer is yes and no, with much more emphasis on no. Crawlers are most commonly not javscript enabled etc so they don't trigger sc code to record their presence. Server logs show robotic visitors in some detail including hits on robots.txt which can help identify less reputable visitors such...
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    Statcounter in email footer and other ideas

    Sorry about that, just fell off the edge of the world, ( 'puter had a fit ). Ok, I used a frames page as an auto email responder, the frame linked to a page which constituted the heading for the email and this page has the statcounter code in it so when the email is opened hey presto it gets...
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    Statcounter in email footer and other ideas

    Bugger it, that doesn't read right either...... it is 2:20am here
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    Statcounter in email footer and other ideas

    I actually picked a bad example from stat's ....... The link in this case is to the company logo in the sites' images folder, sorry I should have been more specific :oops:
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    Statcounter in email footer and other ideas

    I think the whole discussion is rather academic. You don't need to have statcounter code in an email to have the reading of the said email appear in statcounter stat's. I use an auto responder email with a link to the site and when the recipient opens the email it appears as shown in this pic :-...
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    DVD Burning - advice needed.

    this should limit the number of "help" requests JWJ will post :lol:
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    websites with expired certificates

    I should have added that the CMOS clock in my 'puter is accurate and I still get that message at times, hence my assumption about security.
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    There's always gotta be one :lol:
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    How much is too much?

    I gotta ask ..... why not just use an RSS feed ? I don't think there's an actual "line drawn in the sand" in terms of volume per se but a large number of "undeliverable" notices might send up a flag, you'd need to be sure that the vast majority of the intended recipients didn't unintentionally...
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    websites with expired certificates

    Howdy Mustafa :-D Are you getting a warning message like the following ? If so, it's most likely a security setting issue. I get these quite often from sites I know are OK. There is a problem with this website's security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website was...
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    Appreciation for a great forum

    Welllll everything has to have a low point :lol:
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    a science-related forum :confused: .... when did this happen ? :lol:
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    HTML Question about TEXTAREA

    Good, but what the blazes are ya trying to do ?? :)