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    Login issues today?

    Hi, I can't login to my stats today. Is something up?
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    Cookie Cuttr

    Thanks but I am not sure I understand your answer. Is there a way to make statcounter work with cookie cuttr? As long as they click it's OK to use cookies that is.
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    Cookie Cuttr

    Hi, I am using cookie cuttr (a jquery solution to the law that states we need to tell people that we track them with cookies) to make people aware of the fact that the site uses cookies. If they click Accept Cookies statcounter still does not track them across the site. Is there any way to make...
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    Site redesign

    Hi, I am re designing my site and am worried about losing traffic to new pages (it's a totally new structure). I paid to upgrade my statcounter so that I would have more logs of what keywords go to what pages etc and plan to download it when I launch so that I can survey the old site's traffic...
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    Nope, just paste it into the footer file and it should work fine.
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    Statcounter Upgrade

    Can anyone who has upgraded tell me if they think it's worth it? I'm not suggesting that it's not worth it BTW! :) My sites are not high traffic so I don't NEED to upgrade but more depth for analysis would be nice I have to say. Anyone in my position upgraded, - that didn't need to that is -...
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    Need HELP re databases

    It's possibly overkill, but WSN ( has a gallery script. It's not free but I use their links script and I don't think that there's a better script - customisable in every conceivable way. There is a free 30 day trial of it if you want to test it. You...
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    Christmas funnies start here -

    LOL, thanks for the laugh. I will forward some to my friends. #10's the best :-)
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    Urgent need of updated list of free directory list with PR more than 1

    I would also say I know from experience that the owner vets all the sites listed thoroughly. The list is comprehensive and quality IMO. It contains niche directories also. I think it lists the current PR but I can't remember.
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    Congratulation! StatCounter is back to PR 10 again.

    It's excellent news in more ways than one. It seems that google took notice of statcounter using nofollow tags on the paid links and restored the PR. I don't suppose we will ever know if this was the case or not but it seems to show that google are fairly forgiving in this matter! Wonder if...
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    Statcounter nofollow external links

    What if they weren't paid links? What if statcounter got penalized for linking to sites that, lets say, that were merely friends of the owner or the owner had an interest in or just merely liked the sites in question or? I mean, did statcounter have a page that said "Do you want to sponsor a...
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    I don't remember StatCounter selling links. Why it's gone down to PR6!

    I think that the yahoo directory have got around it by not guaranteeing that all sites that are paid for to be reviewed will be accepted. Their fee is to "revue" sites not to include.
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    I don't remember StatCounter selling links. Why it's gone down to PR6!

    Ouch. Why also has statcounter been dropped more than anyone else? www 10 -> 9 www 10 -> 8 www 9 -> 8 www 9 -> 8 www 9 -> 7 www 9 -> 6 www 9 -> 6 Not that all of the above sell links (AFAIK). I...
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    How evil are you?

    I can't post mine but it said I was good! Therefore it MUST be true! :-) (edit) ah, just as well JWJ posted the good image above
  15. J and google drive me mad

    Don't worry about the links that google finds and what it doesn't find. Google does not show all information on purpose. In fact they seem to be striving to keep us in the dark even more than ever at the moment! Use yahoo to get a better idea of who links to you. Yahoo thinks that 164 sites link...