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    We like the statcounter forum

    like good website to growing online busines and posting any thing i realy like it
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    Determine how much time a visitor spent on a webpage

    spent a page The average page visit lasts a little less than a minute. As users rush through Web pages, they have time to read only a quarter of the text on the pages they actually visit (let alone all those they don't). So, unless your writing is extraordinarily clear and focused, little of...
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    hidden groups bug

    hide group 1-To create a new category, right-click the menu at the top of the Navigation Pane, and then click Navigation Options. 2-Under Categories, click Add Item. A new category appears under Categories in the Navigation Options dialog box. 3-Type a name for the new category, and...
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    hidden groups bug

    hide group Remove and restore shortcuts in custom groups. Hide objects and groups. Unhide objects and groups view that is selected, and a group can contain one or more database objects.View how tables are related to other objects in the database
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    IP Address - Who do they belong to?

    first u knw about the ip idress and know whose ip use in which country and and region so see the visiter ip in website
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    What feature would you like to see?

    While difficult and even maybe unsolvable, one can certainly achieve a good-enough solution in acceptable time (google 'optimization methods') for such problems