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    Statcounter Server issues today?

    I'm getting a server error often today (oct 23, 2015). Just wondering if it's on Statcounter's end or if my own is having trouble.
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    Exit Link Activity not working?

    That did the trick - thanks.
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    Exit Link Activity not working?

    Changed it. I'll see if that helps. I think that's where I had it originally, but I swapped from putting the code into a footer widget to using the plugin and I wasn't paying attention at the time if that's when it quit counting exit links or not. - Thanks
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    Exit Link Activity not working?

    I normally have several exit links showing up daily. There hasn't been one logged at all since 7/24. The last one showing up is to statcounter. Is there a problem going on with statcounter or is there something going one with my site? The url for the project is, if you...