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    301 redirect to new project

    Hi all, i am a long time user of statcounter for my projects. One of my projects was using the statcounter code, but now i have redesigned the site and relaunched, but i have have left old code as it is and used 301 redirection so that my search engine rankings do not suffer. I also created...
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    Cloud computing

    the cloud was always there, people just did not realize it. is an application on cloud. gmail, google search, google docs are all examples of cloud computing. a basic website which the developer develops is hosted on some remote server which the developer does not know of...
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    Is Android going to be the saviour of mobile phone industry?

    hi, Nokia is just fighting a loosing battle. Android is here to stay, and i think that Nokia should embrace Android instead of ignoring it. i know windows phone os has many advantages, but Android is just Android. i myself have started learning Android and my final year project is in Android...
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    Statcounter is great

    yup, statcounter is great and i have been using it since 2006.
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    Jump Menus

    no problem :D always willing to help.
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    Jump Menus

    the error that you were getting happens when some output has been printed on to the web page before the header function is called. in php nothing can be printed on the screen before the header function is called. you can improve the code by checking whether the page (that you give via the drop...
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    Jump Menus

    i have tested the code and it is working now. also there must be another period, just before the html part. $link=$state2."-".$town2.".html"; file.php also make sure that the file which you will be redirecting to exists. eg. birmingham-London.html file must exist as well
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    Jump Menus

    sorry, in the code that i sent you i missed a period (.) use the following, $link=$state2."-".$town2."html"; the period is used to concatenate strings in php.
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    Jump Menus

    it is quite possible to do what you are asking.
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    Kompozer & CSS questions

    i use just the images and css. no javascript is used.
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    Kompozer & CSS questions

    this is what i do for rounded corners: 1) i create an image on either illustrator or corel draw and then save it as either gif or jpeg. 2) then i open that image up in photoshop and slice up the corners and save the corners seperately. 3) then i position the images using css where i want them...
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    My first post

    welcome to statcounter, and i hope that you have a great time here. we have some of the best posters you can ever find on the net. really helpful bunch of people.
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    Pros & Cons about auto page refreshing

    hey all, it has been a long time since i have posted on statcounter, but i am back :D. back to the topic. i assume that you are using a database. so then why do you not use ajax? this way your browser will not be refreshed, however you can query your database every second or so (depending on...
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    How is my article?

    thanks all for the replies, and especially to sessileoak for proofreading the article. i have updated the article on my site. i will keep in mind all that has been mentioned by everyone here. thanks again.
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    How is my article?

    how is this article that i wrote for my website, MN Tech Solutions ? i am basically explainaing what Theeta CMS is and some of the features of Theeta CMS and what a content management system is and what it does and how it makes our lives easier. :D so fire away guys, tell me how it is...