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    Unrecorded vists from suspected hackers

    If you have signed up in Google Analytics, it would be easier for you to track your visitors and more statistics. I would say that they are spammers rather than hackers. If they are hackers, they might have killed your blog a long time ago.
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    Why are my own visits being shown ?

    Blocking 3rd party cookies has no adverse effects to surfing. All visits will still be recorded, but a person who has deleted the cookies will not be recognised as the same (returning) visitor.
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    Does anyone target bing search instead of google?

    According to Searchmetrics study, these are the SEO Factors which Bing considers in its ranking. (1) Top brands rank higher on Bing, as they do in Google. (2) Backlink numbers are closely linked to higher rankings on Bing (3) Social signals closely linked to higher rankings (4) Quality...
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    Many visits from Brazil & other exotic places

    Probably. With the intent to drive traffic to their site using your website. The best thing you an do is ignore these hits.
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    New URL; import old data (project) in new project

    Manually importing visitor-numbers can be harder - but I guess this one's the better option.
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    How to tell if proxy is being use

    I agree with this. You cannot hide your IP address.
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    Silly Noob Question: How to create the perfect backlink?

    Thanks for this tip. I'm quite hesitant on leaving links on forums .. Will it be ground for Google penalty?
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    How to tell if proxy is being use

    I agree. Based on personal experience as well.
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    Silly Noob Question: How to create the perfect backlink?

    I've been creating links for about a year already and so far the results come in very slow. I'm wondering if anyone here can share their formula of creating the perfect link. Thanks in advance! :wink: