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    5 Days Left Everybody!

    *sigh* In just 10 hours I'll be heading to the polls to cast my vote. I'm afraid it will be in vain. You see, I'll be voting for John McCain, and I think my vote will be canceled out. As a StatCounter employee, I refrained from sharing my personal views here, but as only a StatCounter...
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    Problems loggin in

    Car Guy....:) It's awesome to see you!! I feel so out-of-the-loop, and lonely for my StatCounter family. Hope all is well with you and yours.
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    Problems loggin in

    Hi! I used to have notes on all of this stuff, but not on this pc. So please....don't shoot me if this doesn't work. :) If you're using windows, open the command prompt and type "ipconfig/flushdns" into your command line. Re-boot and see if that helps any. It seems like there was more to...
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    find a visitor ip

    Hi! StatCounter will provide the IP number along with the timestamp and other info whenever a page it's installed on is loaded into someone's browser. You might want to check out the source code of your blog's "Comments" page to make sure the StatCounter code is present there. In most cases...
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    unique visitor is not so unique.

    Hi, Gordon! :) Are you referring to the actual counter on your homepage? I ask because "unique" can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. If the counter is incrementing with each pageload, then I would double-check the code on your page to make sure it hasn't been corrupted. If...
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    Placement of code on a video site

    You've done the right thing. :) As long as the code is in the body of the document, it'll work fine, but you're right that a graphic-intense page will load more slowly, and you DO want the SC code as high in the body as possible.
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    malacious spyware

    You did the right thing. StatCounter uses cookies to help determine the amount of traffic to your web-site. If that's important to YOU, and they want You to use their product, they need to get with the program! :) I, for one, love StatCounter!
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    my new career Your kind words are so appreciated. Although this ends my time as part of the StatCounter Team, I hope to remain a part of the StatCounter family - which I believe includes all of the moderators, staff and forum regulars. Yes, please DO leave me on the map! :D My new...
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    *RESOLVED* C5/PN4 - error!

    There is currently an issue with PN 4. It's being addressed at this time and once resolved should re-sync fairly quickly. There should be no loss of stats. Sorry for the trouble!
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    **RESOLVED* Add Project feature not working

    After new project info is added, an HTTP 500 Internal server error occurs. I have escalated this issue and hope to see a speedy resolution. We apologise and appreciate your patience while we look into this matter.
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    Blocking cookie not working?

    Cookies Hi! Open your cookie folder. Do you see the [blocking] cookie? What browser are you using?
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    I wish it were me. :)

    Go for it! It's rewarding, mostly because you'd be working for one of the kindest, most honorable, patient employers I've had the good fortune to encounter in my lifetime. I can't say enough.. :) Once you can appreciate who you're representing, it's pretty easy to be the best that you can...
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    **RESOLVED**Problem with C20 (PN 19)

    I have escalated a ticket on this and our technical team is working on it. We should have it resolved shortly. We apologise for the inconvenience.
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    Database error again

    C20 Hi! I have escalated a ticket on this and our technical team is working on it. We should have it resolved shortly. We apologise for the inconvenience.
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    RESOLVED: Problem with C29/PN 28

    The C29 slave is down. This has been escalated and we hope to see a resolution, shortly. As always, we regret the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Sincerely,