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    Not tracking visits from mobile

    Thank you for reply! I'm not sure of it, though - as I said, my other sites with Statcounter work properly from both PC and mobile, and there is no separate layout for mobile on this site... Will try to test it more when I have time, to try to find out the reason...
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    Not tracking visits from mobile

    Hi. I recently noticed that in one of my sites, visits from mobile browsers are not tracked. If I visit the site from PC, I see it in Statcounter immediatelly. But when I visit from Android, Statcounter does not show anything. I tried several Android browsers, it's the same. I tried reinstalling...
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    Visitor Length Per Page

    "Visitor Path" is also the best report for me, too; however, I'm afraid you won't see this feature you requested; look here: So, if "last page" is the one after which visitor took no more actions, its visit time cannot be calculated...
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    Issue with StatCounter in Joomla 1.6

    No, there wasn't one in my Admin centre, too; that's why I emphasized it might have depended on template, maybe some other back-end template shows it, I don't know; but the key is, however, to find a way to edit html source, and enter code there.
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    Request to block image search results

    Sometimes you travel by the bus or train; chances are you won't take seat in the very first row, so there will be people in front of you, some of them women, some of them men; as those men stand up to leave their seats, you will look at the bottom of their backs, which one usually does only if...
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    Issue with StatCounter in Joomla 1.6

    I did as adviced, and only a couple of hours after I submitted my ticket, I received and answer from Rory, which resolved my issue - Statcounter is up and running! If anyone else has similar issue, here is the solution I received: Just to mention that, I suppose depending on template you...
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    Issue with StatCounter in Joomla 1.6

    Thanks for reply! I thought forum was part of Statcounter support, so they keep an eye over bugs reported here... Anyway, I'll follow your advice, and see if I can solve this; thanks!
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    Issue with StatCounter in Joomla 1.6

    Hi! I have issue with installing Statcounter in Joomla 1.6.1; instructions are provided for Joomla 1.5, there's no installation guide for 1.6, and when following instructions for 1.5, only some code is displayed where Statcounter is meant to be. I've searched this forum and found several...
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    Translation info?

    Hello! I have found another thread similar to my question, this one, but I thought it was better to start new thread. So, I saw invitation to help translating StatCounter, and, as I like its service, I'd like to dedicate a part of my spare time to translation. I have several questions: 1...