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    Strange Visitor Activity

    My wife keeps about 60 tabs open in her browser, 'just in case she needs to find them again'. She must reload them every time she opens Firefox, that will give a single hit. There are also browser settings that will preload a link in case you click on it, that also gives a hit. So if...
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    Blog hits from UK not showing up

    The sun has finally come out in the UK, we're BBQing 8)
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    New Feature Added: Ignore Crawlers and Bots from your Stats

    Yes, I quite like to know that Google hasn't forgotten me ;)
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    Can Fresh Links Get a Website Out Of Sandbox Faster?

    Looking at it from Googles point of view - a new site that suddenly acquires a lot of links is suspicious, that's not what happens in real life.
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    Facebook bots

    I'm used to, (& welcome) google bots and yahoo bots, but today I got a facebook visit from facebook?!? Does Mark Zuckerberg need an imagesetter? He can probably afford several billion, maybe he's setting up a moonlighting operation? Why are facebook sending bots, are they setting up a search...
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    New cookie law in UK?

    It's an unobtrusive answer to a silly law. I can't see this law being enforced so this is probably as good as anything else :wink:
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    Why are some projects separated from the rest?

    One of my sites just got split from the others, no rhyme nor reason?? Not a problem, just curious.
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    New cookie law in UK?

    So Statcounter would be a category 2 cookie and we should obtain consent? Does that mean some small print at the bottom of the page would be adequate?
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    Do other countries celebrate Burn's night?

    1. British isn't the same as Scottish 2. Burns night is celebrated by anyone who likes drinking too much whisky and eating bits of sheep that are best left uneaten.
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    Block spammers IP address

    Wouldn't you like to know if dodgy visits are happening? I can't see any reason to exclude them from your stats.
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    A very simple question

    You can do a Google search for the wording of your pages.
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    A very simple question

    So if someone copies your blog wording, can you trace it?
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    Do Do Homepage Backlinks Help All Other Pages In Serps?

    Your page rank should feed out to anywhere that is linked to your page, assuming that you have internal links it should happen naturally.
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    Statcounter is tracking my pageviews. How can I disable that?

    You can install a blocking cookie in your browser or set your IP address to be ignored, they are both in your settings. Each browser will need a blocking cookie, or each PC, your IP address will stop all at your address but may change over time so you will need to keep an eye on the hits.
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    Google bot

    You need to know if Google stops visiting!!!