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    Thanks - i've tried to stop that as well.

    Thanks - i've tried to stop that as well.
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    No new posts allowed

    The forum has been overrun with spam. We're disabling new posts until a solution for the spammers can be found. In the meantime for any questions about the service please use
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    Is a static front page with no footer a problem for stat-counter?

    Is it a publicly available theme that we can try out? Alterntiavely send a request to support about this and we can log into your server to try to debug this further.
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    New Forum Software

    You can view new posts here: So far we've had no spam posts. Hopefully the anti-spam measures on this forum are better than the old vb one.
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    New Forum Software

    We've migrated the forum from using vbulletin to zenforo. vBulletin was not getting updated like it used to, so we needed to move to another option. Let us know if there are any issues with the new forum software. We're working on modifying the theme to feel more like StatCounter.
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    Getting "Statcounter is currently offline" Message

    That could be the problem. What's your StatCounter account with the 800 tracking codes? "btemp" looks empty.
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    Getting "Statcounter is currently offline" Message

    Thanks for reporting this to us. Have you tried loading StatCounter in a different browser - are you still getting the same issue?
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    Keywords Unavailable

    Hi Frank, What's your StatCounter project id? Aodhan
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    API Integration

    That's great you are using the javascript code first. For the <noscript> portion you are right about the parameters. parameter-4 allows you to override a visible counter set in the database to an invisible counter parameter-2 is set to zero and is used to tell us that javascript was...
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    API Integration

    Hi James, Thanks for working on this integration. I wouldn't use that URL for recording the visitor data. That is only for javascript disabled browsers. Here is the URL to use which would allow you to pass through the link the visitor came from, the page url and title they are viewing and...
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    Mismatch between blogger stats and stat counter stats

    Can you try updating your blogger code? We've updated it recently to allow blogger mobile visits to be recorded.
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    Does SC include Mobiles??

    We have just updated the blogger instructions to enable StatCouner to track mobile visits for blogger here:
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    Google Keyword Problem

    I investigated your account and there was indeed a problem. We've deployed a fix for this issue. You should not have this happen again, if you have any more trouble with importing data please let me know.
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    Google Keyword Problem

    Yes StatCounter automatically imports new data every day. That's very strange. We'll keep an eye on this. If you notice this happen again, that we're not importing new data please let us know. We'll get a fix for it.