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    [url=]click here[/url]

    [url=]click here[/url]
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    SSL Search: Single digit % of Google searches won't be trackable.

    It's a bit biased I think, allowing query info only to advertisers, and the single digit of logged in users is bound to grow over time as Google offer more services that require login.
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    Validation Errors

    Ok I just found the thread below which helped me resolve the validation errors by enclosing the code snippet with the cdata code below. Should the generated code snippet include this by default?
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    Validation Errors

    I'm getting the following validation errors from the install code on the beta site...
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    Just joined a few weeks ago
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    Chrome vs Firefox

    Still using Firefox as main browser, again because of the add ons like others have mentioned.
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    Broadband connection has fast download but slow browsing??

    Sometimes browser settings or anti virus programs can slow down website load times too. I recently installed IE8 and had to turn off one of the website checking filters because it was taking ages to load websites (well a few more seconds more than I'd like), it basically checks each website...
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    critics and advice for a new design

    Can't see the image of your website design :shock:
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    The coolest toy ever!

    Very cool indeed 8)
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    You probably need a 301 redirect which permanently redirects the old urls to the new ones. You can do it through .htaccess files or code it into the php. I recently did it for one of my sites through php and it worked grand. An other option might be to change the variable ps in your new script...
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    Dublin Ireland and the Bush Ranch Texas sighting.

    I'm in Kildare which is beside Dublin but I've not heard anything. I'll go check the local news see if there's anything interesting. Edit: nothing I can find. I'm now waiting for the punchline :) Or if your for real any news links?
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    Firefox 3 beta 2

    Just installed it and OMG it's lightning fast. Even image heavy sites and video sites are displaying way faster. The address bar has an interesting drop down menu as you type. Will have to see how it all pans out with use but sheesh it's certainly fast. Ok I'm off to take it for a spin :-D...
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    Firefox 3 beta 2

    Not yet, I don't want to install here on my work laptop but I might try it out at home. Here's the b2 release notes ->
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    Free Anti Virus program needed.

    I'd also recommend AVG, using it for years now and I've always been happy with it. Tried a few other alternatives briefly which are probably just as good, but if it's not broke why fix/replace it?
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    found this interesting

    Interesting read, good descriptions and I like the way they list positive and negative for each.