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    Pros & Cons about auto page refreshing

    I agree with mustafaneguib ajax seems the best way to achieve this, I used ajax on some calculators on one of my sites to prevent the need for reloading the entire page on entry changes. Having the backend database checked every 15 minutes (or whatever - could have it user set) would be easy...
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    Return key instead of Tab key in forms

    Thank you, not sure what I will end up doing for now I will leave it alone and see if anyone cares :).
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    To sell or not to sell?

    Wow! Very nice work John. Definitely go for it, you have my vote.
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    Return key instead of Tab key in forms

    Is it possible to use the return / enter key instead of the tab key to move through the fields of a form?
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    question re writing valid css rollover popups

    Thank you, I didn't "pass" the spam detector due to my many hidden divs (used for balloon tips) but changing it to none seems to have done the trick.
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    can you all check something out for me please?

    Same here to, nothing in FF3.0.5 but working fine in I.E.
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    XML Feeds, what do you do with them :)

    No, I have a number of XML feeds that I wish to check for a particular product and price of and then compare. Actually that sounds like a comparison site which this isn't for. Although maybe they do it in a similar fashion. I've tried reading up on XML feeds etc. but getting more and more...
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    Wireless Gone Wild

    Not sure if it was your intention or not but the site looks as if it shifted to the right with a large..ish grey left hand menu (although only has home and privacy as options). I thought it could be screen size as widescreen but seems to happen whatever screen size I use. Using FF 3.05. Other...
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    Changing theme of webpage with link/button

    Hi, You could try this Hey Raysor, Your site has certainly gone through a few changes over the year. Are you still down Seven Oaks way (or was it Orpington - terrible memory)? I'm going down towards Seven Oaks...
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    Another painful lesson

    Hi JWJ, All so true, amazing what gremlins get into the works when your back is turned. All the best. Michael.
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    Any javascript esperts about?

    Nearly it would be var x = document.form["variable["+i+"]"].value; the period is missing when using an array as you say if reference the cell with a none array variable (technical terms lol) you would do var x document.form.variable.value; I've used php before and I remember it...
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    Any javascript esperts about?

    As always thank you Chris. Figured it all out with your help of course. This is the code you need to access the variables from js: document.form["variable["+i+"]"].value = ""; document.getElementById(["variable["+i+"]"]).innerHTML = ""; Actually that blanks them but you can have...
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    Any javascript esperts about?

    I tried but using name="bm1odds[1]" in the form doesn't seem to be allo wed as I can't reference it with x = document.form.bm1odds[1].value; I tried using name="bm1odds[]", missing the i out but that doesn't seem to work either, or maybe I am trying to reference it incorrectly. True I...
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    Any javascript esperts about?

    Yes its much easier in php! I will give it a go thank you. Although I tried arrays naming for the form earlier and thought it didn't work. Try again anyway may have got it wrong. Thank you. All the best. Michael.
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    Any javascript esperts about?

    Trying all day to figure this out (assuming I don't count yesterday and all last night) but this is my last chance! Maybe it simply can't be done. I have a form that had one row repeating so decided it would be easier to use a little js to create the form. Believe it or not got that working...
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    XML Feeds, what do you do with them :)

    Thank you. All very helpful and appreciated. Faze3, you mention that dropshippers often use XML feeds to update sites but what is the easiest way to build a site utilising an XML feed? (does that even make sense :)).
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    XML Feeds, what do you do with them :)

    Hi, If a site offers you an XML feed, what do you do with it? How do I display the information on my site? Any help appreciated. Thank you. Michael.
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    Wow! Everyone's still here :)

    Thank you Chris, looks like I have been taken off the bad boy list so site is free again :). You say this was caused through iframes, so if I prevented iframes from being added in future would this prevent the problem reoccurring? Any other way this could happen? Lucky I popped in here...
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    Wow! Everyone's still here :)

    ummmm scary moment, commented out the gamertraffic ad uploaded new page, popped along to the site and the warnings all popped up as expected but as I have now fixed it thought I would just ignore warnings. Enter site, up pops a window and disappears, I thought oh £&^£$ what have I installed now...