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    Visitor Paths display broken?

    Stats display for Visitor Paths has suddenly changed for all projects. It shows only one item. There appears to be a UI change with blue buttons for choosing specific dates (e.g., All, Nov 30, Nov 29). But even selecting All shows one item. Seems like the UI change broke the site. Anyone else...
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    What is a "trophy" (forum site)?

    I just noticed an odd alert in my forum profile that said I would receive a "trophy" if I posted a message. What is this confusing oddity? Anyone else see this?
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    possible URL redirect malware on StatCounter

    I just experienced a pernicious URL redirect malware problem while browsing my StatCounter site. (I was using Mac Safari browser.) The malware causes the StatCounter page to redirect automatically to another URL, which displays a full screen "MacKeeper" ad, along with a fake popup that...
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    Request: Make referring URLs more specific

    Is there a technical reason why referring URLs from Facebook are always generic (e.g., "")? I would like more specific URLs for Facebook page referrals.
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    Database Error

    "A link to the database server 'a016' could not be established." (When trying to access projects page).
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    Login failed

    Just moments ago I became unable to access my stats. I get a page that says, "Your login attempt failed." Oddly, the left side still recognizes my name -- "Welcome Back... [name]" When I try to enter my login and password, I get the same error page. Coincidentally, I had to log in to the...
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    Project list is missing several sites

    On the My Projects page, my list of projects is incomplete. I have seven sites, but only three are listed; there are blank spaces where the other four sites should be listed. The problem began about 1 hour ago. Anyone else have this problem? I assume this is a server issue.
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    Display bug in top banner ad area

    The top area of the page, where the banner ads are displayed, has acquired a bug. The problem is that the display area is now about 4 times its normal height, and the banner ad itself is tiny--less than half its normal size--resulting in huge white space at the top of every page. The problem is...
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    Redundant login behavior

    I've noticed this problem for over a year and am surprised no one has fixed it... After logging in, then navigating to the main page (, I am met with a nice "Welcome back" message but, curiously, the username and password login fields/buttons are displayed as if I am...
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    Illogical place name order (state, city, country)

    The place names are displayed in an illogical/incorrect order on the Visitor Paths pages: state/province/region, city, country. For example: Asturias, Gijon, Spain Texas, Austin, United States Michigan, Detroit, United States England, Bristol, United Kingdom I know this problem isn't...