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    no more stats from Chrome and firefox users ?

    Hello everyone I'm not sure where to post my request, j've started a thread here : but no answer so far. Question is : did anyone experienced a drastic decrease of the visits counts in the past few days, the only...
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    dramatically reduced stats counts

    Hello everyone I've been using StatCounter since more than 10 years. There have always been a difference between the figures obtained through StatCounter and through GoogleAnalytics. StatCounter is consistently around 1.5 greater than GA. But suddenly, since last thursday (5 days from now)...
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    Popular pages and virtual <a name>

    Hello everyone I have swiched my site to XHTML1.0, and I have transferred it to a new domain name, with a new host (many changes at a time - sorry) I discover now that, under the "Popular Pages" listing, there are many occurences of my pages, eg:
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    wrong country ?

    Hi everybody, and can 2008 be a year of achievement, success, happyness... I just made a statistic view sorted by "Country/State/City/ISP" #1 Country is France (I'm french :-D) but surprisingly #2 appears to be Mauritius. But if I "drill down" visitors from Mauritius, and "magnify user"...
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    IP address or

    I get visits from somebody / some robot ? remaining hidden: no ISP available, no host name, no location, and IP address being the very peculiar Does anyone have any idea of who/what it can be ?:confused: Visits last rather long (several tenths minutes) with a few pages...