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    All pages not being counted

    I have noticed that Statcounter is not capturing all pages visited for several visitors the most recent being just a few minutes ago. I have a live customer service function on my site that logs each page visited so I am able to compare with Statcounter. On this most recent case the visitor...
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    Referring links

    I've noticed on my stats today that all the referring links are the same as the page viewed. I know this does happen legitimately sometimes, but not for every page! Anyone else noticing this? Granny
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    Billing Problem

    This morning I received notice from Statcounter (?) saying that my monthly charge did not go through, however when I spoke to my credit card company they said no charge had even been attempted and that any denied charge would show if there was one. I replied to the email with this information...
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    Statcounter stopped!

    Statcounter seems to have stopped counting visits to my site at 12:39:57 eastern time. :cry: I've just had 2 visits that I could see through my live customer service, so I know that I've had hits. Anyone else having problems? Granny