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    Statcounter Security Certificate Revoked?

    I'm currently getting a Windows pop up message when visiting Statcounter saying the security certificate has been revoked and the site should not be trusted. Is anyone else getting this message and is there a problem with Statcounter?
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    Will Search Engine Wars stats be available in latest version of Statcounter

    My statcounter has recently been updated to the new version which doesn't appear to have the search engine war stats. Will this be included in the new version?
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    Report Posts Feature in Forum

    Is there an option of reporting posts with the forum software used here?
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    Ad blocked instructions

    When I visit Statcounter I get a message about ads being blocked. I click to read more info about whitelisting and get, "Click the icon for your ad blocker extension in your Internet Explorer status bar (bottom right corner)" I don't have an icon in my status bar. I use Kaspersky but...
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    Statcounter on a redirected page

    I am using a page with a meta refresh 0 on it. If I put statcounter code on the page will it catch the hits before they redirect? If not will setting the refresh to 5 give statcounter enough time to catch the visit? If so, what is the minimum time I can set the refresh to? TIA
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    Visitor visits no longer grouped together

    I tend to use Visitor Paths more than anything else. Previously the visits from a visitor on the same IP were grouped together. I'm now finding that some visits are grouped but a lot of the time there not. This is making it extremely difficult to track visitors as one visitor (IP) can now...
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    Have the filters changed?

    Has something changed with the filters? Statcounter used to recognise me and give an option to filter my visits, it's no longer doing this. Also, my stats are showing Googlebot as a visitor every time it visits a page which is messitg up my stats, previously wasn't in my stats.
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    logged out, then logged back in to old account

    I just logged out of Statcounter, logged back in, but appear to be in an account with old projects. Pretty sure I logged back in to my latest account but not 100% sure. Is there a way of finding what my username should be from the statcounter code on my pages?
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    Ignore visits from Crawlers & Bots no longer working

    I have "Ignore visits from Crawlers & Bots for this project?" checked which has previously worked well, but it now seems to no longer block yahoo and inktomi from my stats. Have they by-passed Statcounters filters?
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    Statcounter and the new EU Cookie laws

    I've been a statcounter user for about 8 years now, 5 or 6 of those with upgraded packages. I've recently cancelled as I am concerned about the new EU Cookie laws. I would like to carry on usinig Statcounter, so hopefully if everyone just ignores the law it will just blow over and I will...
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    I keep getting tyring to download pcon.js everytime I visit Statcounter, anyone know what it is?
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    No link to Account Info in new version of free Statcounter

    In the Old Verion of Statcounter (with a free account) There is a tab (link) to Account Info In the new version there appears to be no link to Account Info. Is there anyway of getting to Account Info in the new version? as Account Info details are...
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    Stats not updating in statcounter

    My stats do not appear to have updated since 11:27 this morning. The counter on the page shows an increased number, but the stats in my account show last visitor at 11:27 and the count showing in there is at least 500 lower then the counter displayed on the page. I've logged out and back in...
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    Is anyone else having problems with statcounter being slow?

    Everything on statcounter seems particularly slow today, is anyone else having this issue, or is it more likely to be something at my end?
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    2 forum accounts

    I appear to have 2 statcounter forum accounts. Can these be merged or don't I need to worry about it? I don't want the moderators or forum owners thinking I have done this deliberatly for any reason.
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    Why are google showing up in stats after code removed?

    I removed the statcounter code from a page a couple of months ago, but my stats still show visits from Google Webmaster Tools 0 ( every day. There is no referring link and it isn't landing on a cached snapshot of the page, so how can this be showing up in my stats if the...
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    Statcounter using Criteo

    I see Statcounter is using Criteo now to display ads. Does it only do this when we are logged in or all the time?
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    Statcounter image frequently not displaying

    For at least a fortnight now the statcounter image has frequently not been loading, not just on my sites, but numerous sites I visit. Is this a known issue, and are others seeing the same thing?
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    Statcounter image not displaying best get around?

    I know Statcounter seldom has problems, but when it does, is there any way of stopping it messing our pages up when the counter image isn't being displayed? I know I can set a width and height so the problem isn't as bad (are we allowed to edit the statcounter code like that), but is there...
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    Virus warning when signing in to Statcounter

    I am getting virus warnings from Kaspersky when signing in to my account, anyone else getting this or know whether it is anything to be concerned about?