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  1. J

    Login issues today?

    Hi, I can't login to my stats today. Is something up?
  2. J

    Cookie Cuttr

    Hi, I am using cookie cuttr (a jquery solution to the law that states we need to tell people that we track them with cookies) to make people aware of the fact that the site uses cookies. If they click Accept Cookies statcounter still does not track them across the site. Is there any way to make...
  3. J

    Site redesign

    Hi, I am re designing my site and am worried about losing traffic to new pages (it's a totally new structure). I paid to upgrade my statcounter so that I would have more logs of what keywords go to what pages etc and plan to download it when I launch so that I can survey the old site's traffic...
  4. J

    Statcounter Upgrade

    Can anyone who has upgraded tell me if they think it's worth it? I'm not suggesting that it's not worth it BTW! :) My sites are not high traffic so I don't NEED to upgrade but more depth for analysis would be nice I have to say. Anyone in my position upgraded, - that didn't need to that is -...
  5. J

    Recent Keyword Activity

    Hi, Been meaning to stop by here again and ask this question: When I click on Recent Keyword Activity I seem to be showed not only Recent Keyword Activity but clicks around the site as well: Here's an example that also shows the URL: magnify visitor 30 Jul 14:54:07
  6. J

    Another site's hits are showing!

    Hi, My site is getting another sites stats as well as my own! I'm getting stats showing as hits to my site. Any ideas? It looks like they have the same project number... username = jez thanks, Jez.
  7. J

    Invisible counter question

    My site, (among others I have) uses the statcounter code with the invisible counter. My question is, as the counter is invisible, the link to is invisible, or hidden - something that search engines really frown upon - it's only just crossed my mind that I...