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    Why is it so? Jokes (or truths?)

    Found this posted on a newsgroup, and wanted to share it with you. ;-) The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500's: Most people got married in June...
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    Database Error

    When trying to drill down to visitors from the "Came From" page, all I get is the "Database Error" message. This works fine in the old interface, but for some reason not in the beta.
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    Stupid fraud spammers!

    Do people really get fooled by this???? :confused: (the link they refer to in the mail are not pasted here) -------------------------------------- Dsactivation de votre carte de crdit. Bonjour, Nous venons de dsactiver votre carte de crdit. Pour le ractiver, vous devez vous...
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    IE below 50% of worldwide market!

    Internet Explorer has fallen below 50% of the worldwide market for the first time, according to StatCounter's Global Stats. IE fell to 49.87% in September followed by Firefox with 31.5%. Also Google's Chrome continues to increase market. In Europe, IE has fallen even more. In September down...
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    Who is .......

    ................ celebrating her birthday today? Oh yes! | \/ Congratulations!
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    RESOLVED: Database Error

    Currently there is a problem with the server, you may see this message when trying to login to your account: It will hopefully be solved shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause. EDIT: This issue should be resolved now.
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    Happy Birthday CG!

    Congratulations (again) Richard!. The years goes really fast, now it feels like I'm just repeating myself. :mrgreen:
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    Stamp collectors, here is your chance! ;)

    I recall there is some members of the forum have (had?) an interest in stamp collecting? Now, here is you chance to "collect" something really rare! :D The world's rarest stamp, the £1.4 million Swedish record breaker ("3 shilling banco" yellow stamp) is up for sale on an action in London next...
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    Happy Pi Day!

    For the "department" of useless knowledge, but did you know about this day? :mrgreen:
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    Statcounter rules!

    This is what I have worked with the last 6 days! Pajala Winter Classic This is a voluntary project for an event that my son-in-law lead. He is the guy on the front of the screen, introducing the site on a project meeting. Of course I suggested Statcounter to track visitors to the site...
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    Happy Birthday to you!

    Congratulations Christina! How much is it now? :mrgreen:
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    No "bottom-margin" in IE?

    I am trying to set a bottom margin to the "main" div, but it seems like my IE8 doesn't know what that is! :confused: I have a simple, but fluid design on this site. For the page body I have not set any margins, so the browser default should apply there. And it does also in IE for the left...
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    Happy Birthday to you!

    Congratulations CG!
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    Bug in Browser stats?

    Just noticed that I had a visitor using IE 8.0, when I did a drill down. But when I clicked on the magnifying glass to the visitors details it says IE 7.0 ! The difference in report is the same in new "test" and old" interface. A small "detail" but irritating not knowing which one is it, IE7...
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    Install StatCounter on Joomla

    Install StatCounter on Joomla 1.5 Solution to the problem with StatCounter code showing on web page after installing to Joomla 1.5 found by forum member "Waterloo". A Joomla extension called Joomla Mod PHP allows you to create and add custom PHP, HTML, JS and CSS to modules. All you need to...
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    To Mr and Mrs Internet Hero 2008! Very happy :grin: Very, very happy! :grin:
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    Happy Birthday..........

    .... Christina! Happy birthday to YOU! :mrgreen:
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    Anybody know what this is?

    I get hits that I don't understand. Below is one example from Recent Pageloads: Other IP's are from e.g. AOL and Comcast, all from the US. When clicking on the "visited page" link, all I get is a login window so I can't see if my Statcounter is anywhere. Ok, I know I can change my security...
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    Congratulations Kelly!

    Have a great day!
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    BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur of the Year!!

    Just click on the image! :lol: Congratulations! P.S. Hotlinked the image ;-)