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  1. Sharron

    Howdy Do Ya'll!

    Yep, I'm still around and gettin older.................... lol Just thought I'd stop by and see what's been up. Hope everyone is going to have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year in 2012! xoxoxox
  2. Sharron

    still fighting spam email

    I logged into cpanel today to try to figure out how to fix this. I have spam assasin enabled but don't know how to configure it to really work as it obviously is not working. Out of 6 pages on emails like 20 emails are "real". I tagged the spam into the blacklist and below are those that are...
  3. Sharron

    Am I the only person whose computer can't find statcounter

    I can't get my computer to find sites, mine and others. It finds this forum, but not statcounter proper, if it finds the main page it does not find the rest. Half the time it's not finding Facebook! Some crazy stuff going on out there in the world affecting the net? I've cleared the browser...
  4. Sharron

    Being bombarded with spam to my site email

    Though I've taken the contact page down and instituted a good old fashioned photo of the address. How to I stop this barrage? I'm tired of getting all these ****ra and drug emails.
  5. Sharron

    Welcome MMXI...............

    We've been waiting on you all year! Happy New Year Statcounter folks!
  6. Sharron

    Hey Folks!

    Yes, I am still around. Survived the elections and living life in general. Thought of all you this am and thought I'd say howdy. 0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x Sharron
  7. Sharron

    excessive visits to contact page and sitemap

    Looking at my stats, there are many visits to my sites contact page, but only one actual email received. There also many hits on my sitemap page. hmmmmmmm 34 visits to contact 11 of these this page was the entry page 24 to sitemap 11 of these this page was the entry page These are odd to...
  8. Sharron

    Happy Spring!

    Their large I know, but I wanted to share some of the new life in our yard at the best possible size! Enjoy and think Spring!
  9. Sharron

    IE won't show video!

    I know I've asked this before and I can't find the thread. And I'm slower on mental challenges then I used to be so be nice! lol Christiana I've looked at your daughters music site and looked at the source code. I see js scripts but no idea what you've done to get it to work. HELP!
  10. Sharron

    what is this, a bot?

    Returning Visits: 0 Location: Mexico ( [Label IP Address] Entry Page: Exit Page: Referring URL:0
  11. Sharron

    OMG I love this site and guess what! I nearly fell outta ma chair when I noticed the statcounter code loading after reading page after page of just one section of the site. I just had to share!
  12. Sharron

    Merry CHRISTmas!

    and Happy New Year!
  13. Sharron

    another question for the brains around here.

    If you have an email address but have not ever received and email from them, can you find the ip address? Does whois do this?
  14. Sharron

    Irratating ad on projects page

    What again are we supposed to post when we come across and ad that is not right? I can't recall.
  15. Sharron

    ok Smart folks..... email headers, visitor on my statcounter project

    I've a simple two page secret web site. It's got it's own statcounter project. I've had one visitor. I've sent the link to this page to one person via email. I've been in regular email contact with this one person. Question I have is how can I tell if the visit to the webpage is the person I'm...
  16. Sharron

    SWF flash not working in my IE 6

    works in FF but at some point it stopped in IE, well at least in my verson which is 6. The flash code has not changed on this site in over a year. What gives?
  17. Sharron

    ok I'm asking, what or how does one sell stuff on the internet?

    My niece is asking me, and I'm telling her I don't know. Do you need a secure server? What about shopping carts? What about, well in short I'm stupid when it comes to selling stuff. She does not want to do a Ebay store or any such thing, says it costs to much. I told her I would ask here...
  18. Sharron

    Site check please

    simple work in progress, but godaddy nameserver changes for me have not yet take effect! Can someone check it for me and tell me if they see a white page with an logo or a green page with stuff on it. Christina I know you said it could take awhile, lol, but it's...
  19. Sharron

    lol, so cute

    I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with 'Guess' on it. So I said 'Implants?' She hit me. lol, lol,