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  1. Car Guy

    Install Statcounter in Osclass

    Installing the Statcounter code in this popular classifieds site is easy. If you can install Osclass you can install the counter code. After your Osclass installation is complete, use your FTP program to download the footer.php file, this will ensure the counter code is installed on all...
  2. Car Guy

    Help with FTP

    Hi folks Ran into a snag with an FTP to an existing site. Updating a website that is years old and not very professional looking. I created a slick website with Webplus. I've done several other websites with this program. Tonight I backed up the old website and cleaned out the...
  3. Car Guy

    Install Statcounter in Webplus X7

    Installing Statcounter using Webplus X7 is easy and it works just fine. I cannot confirm if this will work with earlier versions of Webplus. Start by getting the required counter code to use Statcounter in your Webplus X7 website. 1. Login to your Statcounter account 2. Click the little...
  4. Car Guy

    Configure Gmail to new server

    Hello folks :) Dealing with a Gmail account setup issue. Short story, 15 years ago I bought my domain and setup hosting. I then discovered I could configure Google Webmaster Tools to get Now I've changed hosting and didn't even think about setting up the host...
  5. Car Guy

    Looking for a server photo sharing

    Hi all My Photobucket is almost full and my bandwidth is near maxed out. Next step is to pay for it. Seeing as I have a hosted site with lots of bandwidth, I'd like to host my photos there. I know that I can FTP them and provide links, but I need to get a sensible file size and dimension...
  6. Car Guy

    Need help with js

    Here I am again. This time I want this results of this js to open into one of my pages, not into it's own page. <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Thanks
  7. Car Guy

    An FTP problem

    Hopefully somebody can shed light on this. I am working on header page that is included in the index.shtml I create a link on my header page with my editor with images for the navigation, I save it and it looks like this if I look at the source with Note Pad, which is correct. <a...
  8. Car Guy

    I could use some help with a javascript

    I've been trying about a dozen scripts, not one works! The script is to randomly rotate images with a corresponding link. Most of the scripts I've tried rotate the images and provide a link. The problem is, the link does NOT correspond with the images! The latest script shown below. <!--...
  9. Car Guy

    Need some help validating a Kompozer page

    Hi all A simple page with just a table on it and 2 SSI pages. I get 2 errors; Line 32, Column 74: "DOCTYPE" declaration not allowed in instance …-align: left; vertical-align: top;"><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.… & Line 33, Column 6: document type does not allow element...
  10. Car Guy

    RESOLVED:"Missing projects" in your account.

    "Missing projects" in your account. I have verified this issue and contacted Support. Thank you for your patience, updates will happen as soon as they have something to tell you. I am also missing a project, but the stats are still there. Click the little graph icon to the left of...
  11. Car Guy

    A link to accept a blocking cookie

    On behalf of other members who have asked if it's possible for another person's browser to accept a blocking cookie, but don't want to give them access to the account. Would it be possible/practical to make a link that the project admin can send to the other person to load the project...
  12. Car Guy

    Stumped with style sheet

    Hi all I'm just moving some pages around and I am stuck with the style sheet. I moved a page from; /page.html to /articles/page.html and now I've lost the styling. The page source; <link rel="stylesheet" href="/main.css" type="text/css">, and that is where the style sheet is, by that name...
  13. Car Guy

    Server Status: 502 bad gateway

    This error is noted and Statcounter support has been notified of it. Your patience is appreciated as they work to correct this as soon as possible. Updates will follow.
  14. Car Guy

    Need help with Windows 7 partition

    Hi all I'm trying to help a friend's son with his Windows 7 partition and I don't know where to go from here. He's got a store bought computer, came with Windows 7 and the drive was partitioned C & D. His D drive was full and he wanted to make it larger while reducing the size of the C...
  15. Car Guy

    Using Firefox 4.0 beta

    So far 30 minutes in I'm very happy. The most noticeable thing is the increased speed. It's almost like going from dial up to high speed for me. They have moved the refresh and home buttons to the right now, which I don't like. Most of my clicking is the top left and with a wide monitor my...
  16. Car Guy

    Merry Christmas

    A very Merry Christmas to all my Statcounter friends. My wish for you is that you will find peace and that all your family and friends will be blessed at this time of year.
  17. Car Guy

    Unique Visitors and Page Loads explained

    It happens many times that you see a visitor that is moving through your site, maybe on your blog or forum, but when you check your Statcounter Summary it shows several unique visitors when you know it’s just one visitor. So how come your stats show more unique visitors than what you know to be...
  18. Car Guy

    Google culled personal data from Wi-Fi networks

    Found this article on my local paper's website. Seems that when the "Google Mobile" was out trolling the streets, they were collecting more then photos! "We have learned that while collecting Wi-Fi signals, Google had also captured personal information, some of it highly sensitive. The...
  19. Car Guy

    Statcounter Newbie Problems

    You have created your account, and created the Project for your website. You have installed the counter code and visited your site and had your friends visit and you are seeing nothing in your stats, or it was working fine at one time and has now stopped tracking. The first step If you have...
  20. Car Guy

    Need script for image rotation

    Well after several hours and many trials and errors I still don't have what I need. I have several images that I want to automatically rotate sequentially every few seconds, but not on page load only. I found one that was easy to use and worked great, but it was not very "clean". Does...