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  1. webado

    Unable to log into

    I cleared all history, cookies, still when I try to log into it goes into a loop of redirections. It ends up at with this mesage: This page isn’t working
  2. webado responds with 500

    Today I'm getting a 500 when trying to access . I'm using Chrome on a Windows 10 pc. Hoping this will be resolved soon, I'd love to see my stats :)
  3. webado

    Huge vulnerability in Firefox and Tor browsers

    Wordfence reports a huge exploit in Firefox and Tor browsers. Use Chrome or Safari until this is fixed.
  4. webado

    Show Page URL not Title - not limited to current project and report

    Whenever I change Show Page URL not Title from Recent Pageload Activity for any project this setting seems to apply to all reports (that concern a visited URL) and all projects. If this is the intended behavior I feel it should be set in global settings for the account, rather than within any...
  5. webado

    Happy New Year!

    Best wishes of health, happiness and prosperity for 2016.
  6. webado

    Ability to add a comment to what's being tracked or view both page title & url

    I am facing the situation where a page I have has a form with several selection boxes and the form processing script (using the POST method) and result page are one an the same. What gets logged is the page url, but there's no way to know what options were picked from the form. For personal...
  7. webado

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everybody :) Hope Santa's been good for you ... and a Happy Boxing day too ;)
  8. webado

    Moving ad overlayed on Statcounter page

    Just got this annoying ad, gliding across the screen. I didn't dare click Close as one never knows what else happens next.
  9. webado

    Now for some Sunday fun :) I want to be best friends with this couple :)
  10. webado

    Merry Christmas:)

    Hohohoho! Merry Christmas everybody!
  11. webado

    RedBull Stratos Jump

    Congratulations to Felix Baumgartner for a successful mission today:)
  12. webado

    Feeling dumb - new PC and no idea how to connect old monitor LOL

    There you have it. I got myself a new custom built pc and didn't buy a new monitor (yet) thinking that I have 2 relatively newish ones (3 years old, LCD). So I cleaned up my work space, made room (egad, the DUST!) and started plugging in stuff .... and cannot see where to plug in my monitor...
  13. webado

    Recent Keyword Activity now covers image searches :)

    Maybe I missed the announcement but ... At least from Google image searches, Statcounter now appears to show the keywords used, something that previously hadn't worked. Bravo :)
  14. webado

    I want to see both proxy IP and the IP behind the proxy

    It happens fairly often that in a bid to show the "real" IP, when a proxy setup is detected, Statcounter goes behind it and ... ends up on localhost or some internal LAN IP, which is really not useful at all. So here's mu suggestion to report the detected IP (as is) and maybe the other IP...
  15. webado

    That's Entertainment :)

    Trust my daughter to put together a dynamite eclectic Acoustic Nights IV show last week, August 17, and have as a guest performer this young lady: Yes, classical music is also acoustic music :) The whole show was...
  16. webado

    Found newborn baby birds on my lawn - what to do?

    Just a few minutes ago my husband found 2 baby birds that fell out of a nest on our front lawn. No parents in sight. No idea what birds they are, but as newborn chicks they seem big, and there's a bit of black fuzz. Might be crow babies judging by the size and we do have a lot of crows around...
  17. webado

    Vista is driving me NUTS!

    It keeps changing permissions on folders and files. Every so often it sets them to read-only. I keep changing the attributes, it claims to have done so ... and yet I can't delete or modify some files. I keep going upstream and unset the read-only attribute, and it's still happenning. I can...
  18. webado

    Am I the only one who can't get to The Zone?

    I'm talking about the MSN Zone for games. Like Been trying all evening and IE cannot connect. Maybe I should try with FF.... Nope, doesn't work in any browser.
  19. webado

    Telethon for Haiti

    I am watching the Telethon for Haiti right now. It's a good opportunity for anybdy who can to make a donaiton to help this devastated nation rise from the rubble. Whatever anybody can do needs to be done now. Let's do it.
  20. webado

    Happy Birthday FrankV :)

    Happy,:grin: Happy, :grin:Happy :grin:Birthday to you!:grin: