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    Project Missing

    I signed in today to look at one of my projects and it is gone..not there. I have 3 projects..there are 3 lines of stats there but one project title is missing. I have attached a image to help explain what I mean. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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    Upgraded Account Question

    I just upgraded my account but I am still seeing adds. I thought with an upgraded account all adds are disabled? Please help. Thank you :)
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    Data Base Error

    I cannot log in. When I try I am getting this Error: Database Error I apologise for the inconvenience but this database query failed to execute correctly while attempting to log you in. This will be fixed shortly. best regards, Aodhan Cullen StatCounter Webmaster
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    No service

    Trouble Logging In I am having trouble logging in anywhere in the site other than here. When I hit the button to log in I get a data base error. I know my user name and password is correct. Please help. Thank you!
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    Visitors not showing

    I advertise on Craigslist and since Feb 9th, the urls from people visiting my site via Craigslist are not showing. Instead I get a "No Referring Link" as the URL to where the visit came from. I have not made any changes to any of my settings. Is there a reason this is happening? Any help would...
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    I have just started my new project for my Wix website. My problem is, statcounter is only showing the home page as being visited. There is no record of other pages being visited, or where the person came from. My other website project records all this info, but my Wix project does not. The code...
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    Data Base Error

    I have been having trouble today accessing my account. First I started getting Forbidden Errors when I tried to enter the site. Now that I can get onto the site, when I click on Visitors Paths from my Projects page I am getting a Data Base error..anyone else having these issues?
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    Server Error

    I am getting this Error when clicking on one of my projects "DigitellDesign": The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly. Here are some suggestions: Reload this webpage later. My...
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    Visitor Page Visits Not Listed

    Since 2012 started my stats no longer list what page the visitor is just now shows index page. However when I click on it I am taken to the page the visitor has been to..why does it no longer list the actual name of the page like it use to and is there a way to put it back to how it...
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    Database Error 'a015'

    I was logged off now I am getting this error when trying to log back on.
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    Database Error a025

    I cannot log into my StatCounter..I am getting a025 Error..please help!:confused:
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    Cannot Access my Projects

    I can view my projects but when I click on one of them I get an error page. Is there know issues or is it something else? Thanks!
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    A link to the database server 's140' could not be established.

    There is a problem loading my Stats..please help! Thank you :)
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    Locked Referrer

    What doe it mean when it says Locked Referrer?
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    Upgrade area link wrong

    When I click on "Upgrade" Then click on "Choose Upgrade" I dont get a page where I can select the type of upgrade I want, but instead I get "Choose Payment Method".