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  1. Car Guy

    seo sites?

    This thread is closed as it attracts spam.
  2. Car Guy

    what is the difference between forum participation and quora question to answer?

    I'm closing this thread as it's a spam magnet.
  3. Car Guy

    How exactly does SEO work?

    I'm closing this thread because it is a SPAM magnet.
  4. Car Guy

    New Member

    Welcome Terry. The basics are creating an account, then creating a "Project" for your website. Then generating the code to use for that Project. Then installing that code on your website. The code must go in the footer that will load with every page so you get details for every page. In your...
  5. Car Guy

    Can anybody tell me what this green arrow means?

    Looks like a download icon? Where are you seeing this, ie. downloads, visitor paths? I'll find out.
  6. Car Guy

    Where do I insert the code?

    Look at the help section of the forum and their is information there.
  7. Car Guy

    New Forum Software

    I'm still working my way around trying to get familiar with where stuff is now. So far this is the first post I've come across. I usually watched "Recent Posts" and checked often during the day for new member registrations, then ran them through the Stop Forum Spam database. BTW my Admin login...
  8. Car Guy

    Total Visits Figure

    Hi Steve On your Project page, the one with your project and the little chart to the left, it shows today, yesterday, this month and total. If you click on your project you will see your Summary page, the one with the chart for your project, you will see totals for the day, or the week or...
  9. Car Guy

    Visit Length

    Explained here: This applies to any site, WP or not, Statcounter or not. You need to have more than one page load to calculate the visit length. Blog type site are the worst because all the content is one one page.
  10. Car Guy

    Website hacked any advise?

    I've been fortunate not to have to deal with this myself. You'll have to contact your web host and have then re-issue you a new user and password. Then delete everything in the public directory and upload your site again.
  11. Car Guy

    How Do I Show StatCounter On My Websites?

    Hi Is their something in particular that you are needing to know? Do you have access to the the code on your website? Do you update your website through a menu? Are you using a hosting service like Wordpress? Are you just wanting a counter to display your visitor numbers? Have you...
  12. Car Guy

    Stat counter contact form NOT working

    This form (top of this page Help > Contact Us) : Have you tried the one in your account: Support > Ask Support > Create new ticket If these don't work, post back and I'll have something else for you.
  13. Car Guy

    Stats Stopped Working

    You have no Statcounter code on your pages. After you install the code, view the page source in your browser to confirm it is actually there. Try again.
  14. Car Guy

    How do I delete a site that doesn't exist anymore?

    Click the little wrench to the right of your project, then "Delete Project"
  15. Car Guy

    Have to Login Each Time I Come Here

    Your browser is not keeping the cookie. I have been logged in here and in my account for years. In fact I don't even remember my password! My desktop and my smartphone are always logged in. Depending on your security settings, your browser may not be keeping the cookies, you may have another...
  16. Car Guy

    statcounter not displaying for tumblr!

    The page loads fine on Firefox, Explorer and Chrome for me.
  17. Car Guy has malware inside it !

    Try uninstalling the browser you are having issues with, then run your anti-virus, then reinstall.
  18. Car Guy

    Invisible statcounter in blogger?

    Hi Check that your counter code's line is as below: Edit if needed and save and upload.
  19. Car Guy

    Multiple pages?

    One account for all your projects. If you have 2 websites, you need 2 projects. The code for each project is unique, you only use the code from the project for that website. I'm not a code person, but if you create a footer that all pages use, you need to install the code in that footer...