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    Number missing for blue column

    Hello StatCounter, I've noticed that for the past few days, the bar-graph display doesn't show a number at the top of the blue column for the current day's visits. The count is available (with mousing over) but the number isn't displayed. Thanks for looking into this. Michael L...
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    Exit Link Activity isn't showing the magnifying glass

    At the risk of repeating myself -- : ) -- Exit Link Activity isn't showing the magnifying glass next to the date.
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    StatCounter displaying truncated results

    In Recent Pageload Activity and Recent Visitor Activity, StatCounter is truncating results in the Host Name/Web Page/Referrer column. The info shown stops after about 220 pixels. Then there's lots of white space in front of the green arrow.
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    "Visits with URLs matching" not working

    Hello StatCounter, The "Visits with URLs matching" filter isn't working for my blog: Thanks, Michael L
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    StatCounter pages won't finish loading

    Hello StatCounter, I'm finding that StatCounter pages won't finish loading. It's happening with forum pages too: "Waiting for" No connection problem here; other sites load with no problems.
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    StatCounter info not available

    I can see the page for my StatCounter project, but Summary returns just a blank page. I'm on Partition 3: Thanks for your attention to this problem. Michael L.
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    Stats are very slow

    Hello StatCounter, Stats for my blog are very slow right now: they were at 5:53 a.m. a few minutes ago, and now they're up to 6:10 a.m. It's 2:53 p.m. here in the American midwest. No great concern, but I thought it appropriate to let you know. Best wishes, Michael Leddy...
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    3,500+ page views from one address

    Hello StatCounter, This isn't a StatCounter problem, but I thought someone might shed some light on what's happening. One post on my blog has had 3,500+ page views from an IP address in Belarus. (Perhaps more by now -- I blocked the address after seeing what was happening.) The visits were...
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    State/Region info missing from stats

    Hello StatCounter, There's no data available for state/region in my stats. The totals are there, but no information if I try to drill down. I'm on Partition 3: Thanks, as always, for a great service and great support. Michael L
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    No visits for close to two hours

    Hello StatCounter, It could just be a very slow day online, but I've had no new visits logged for the past hour and 50 minutes. Given the usual traffic my site gets, that seems very unusual. My url: I'm on partition 3. Thanks for your help.
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    RESOLVED: State/Region info missing

    Hello StatCounter, There are no details for State/Region stats available in my account. Country, city, and ISP details are all there. But when I try to see the individual visits for a given state, I get the message "No pageloads recorded yet." My blog: I'm on...
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    171 page views in four minutes?

    Hello StatCounter, I have a returning visitor who racks up hundreds of page views in very little time -- most recently, 171 page views in about four minutes. It's always with the same page. Could this be a matter of someone refreshing the page no apparent reason? Could it be a glitch in...
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    Are Partition 3 stats delayed?

    Is there a general problem with Paritition 3? My stats are six hours behind:
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    Stats stalled

    Hello StatCounter people, My stats stalled at about 10:20 this morning (CDT, UTC -05:00). The counter seems to be working, but there's nothing to read past that time. I'm on partition 3: Thanks as always for a wonderful service, Michael
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    "Invalid Project ID" replaces counter

    My counter's gone, replaced by the words "Invalid Project ID." The stats themselves though seem fine
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    Is there a backlog on stats again?

    My blog stats today are way, way down and show no visits for the past two-and-a-half hours -- that seems very unusual. And the counter sometimes fails to appear when I refresh the page. The counter has also come back (just once) as "zero." All of which makes me wonder: is there a backlog on...