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    Missing Data

    Hi thanks for info It has just happened again to me as a customer has bought something else and it has not shown up in my stats ... i also forgot to mention I am a paying customer... I will start by re adding the code on my website and see how that goes ,otherwise will contact support
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    What feature would you like to see?

    Would be nice to have a who's online that is already mentioned ... Would also like another way to block my web views ...My IP changes daily and blocking cookie doesn't really work for me ....Although doubt there is another way to do it ..just something I will have to live with Also would...
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    Missing Data

    Hi I have been using statcounter since I started with selling online .. But on Sunday evening I seemed to have missed out on at least 1 complete set of data ..As at about 21:30 my site made a sale as as you can see there were visits before and after so it is working...