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    project has totally disappeared

    are you having trouble with one of your servers again? One of my projects has totally disappeared from my project list, overnight. It's the same project that periodically gets stats lag quite a bit .
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    not displaying name of site

    I have added a new site, however the project name does not show in the stats. I have used statcounter for years and I have many sites running statcounter, so i know what I am doing. However no matter what I try, it won't list the project name in the list of projects...weird! any ideas?
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    Where are these visits comming from?

    thanks for reply. So you are saying these are probably real human visitors? Hmm I don't know what I'm ranking for, but it seems to suggest my keyword is well ranked...according to the info beside the data. Looking at these 'google' visitors behaviour on the site (only ever view the...
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    Where are these visits comming from?

    I get an awful lot of visits on one particular site of mine which come from 'Mountain view california'. Now I know that that is often a Google bot, but these visits seem to suggest they are coming to my site via a keyword - so apparently its not a googlebot. But I get so many of these (on...
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    waiting for problem

    I run a video site. I have statcounter installed on it. I have one member who has recently been telling me that wheh he tries to view videos, he gets the 'waiting for' message at bottom of screen and video takes forever to load and play.....everything seems to just hang...
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    One Visit Registering as Multiple Visits

    Yes I understand what the OP means. I have exactly the same problem on all my site stats. It appears to register several different/unique visits - but in reality it is the same person and actually only one visit apparently. If I get 3 visits , showing distinctly as 3 different visits/hits...