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    Strange link to

    Block it Why you are taking it seriously just select and block and you can warn him initially then go for block it.
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    What feature would you like to see?

    Analytics Report Feature There should be separate section from where you can see the most of features like spam, time,security so that people can see their activities records. It can prevent them to steal or attacked.
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    Stats on browser window size

    All main services should be in home Page As I think, All main services should be in home page for user interaction with bit descriptions. If required so you can link details pages with each services for details information.
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    jpeg hits

    You want to Stare Statcounter! I don't know but State counter never go according to you...this website is hosting providers and manage the features according to their experience and user requirement.Why he implement old feature for a single user!
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    Time Zone issues

    Please check with System Time Did you check what time is set in your system? May be it is conflicting with your system time or may be you are out of range in case if you are live working!
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    50 hits

    I don't think so! Can you provide the screen shots for same, I don't think so! Can you also provides the domain age...if same resources both are visited so it is definite these are your hits.....
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    Issue with StatCounter iphone app

    It has the Issue It is the major issue with statcounter, if all things are not properly displaying so it can be fix else that feature should be disable by the admin so that people can't get confused.
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    Where are my stats?

    Able to Login ? First thing is that you are able to login in portal, If yes so you are restricted by the Admin with some reason so please check you status, In deactivated case you can interact with admin section for revoking it.
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    Google Webmaster Tools data not updated since Feb 8

    Thanks for providing it.. I am going to raising a ticket to statcounter and hope they will shortout my problem ad earliest possible....
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    need help no results on tumblr

    Body section is the best As most of the guys are suggesting for putting it on body section so please go to put their and track the records after some time..
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    Implementing SSL path in Drupal module

    Rory May Saying Right I think Rory may saying right but I don't try this but feeling it may work...Kindly try and reply the feedback.thanks
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    Visitor and IP doesn't show up in Statcounter

    You need to set during registraion Hi, Initially when you will get register in statcounter at that time you need to check option for showing your details then you will able to show else it will hide. You can also try from setting section after registrations..
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    Missing Data

    May be Problem with Statcounter side Its happens and you don't need to worry about same, sometime problem creates online..Please contact with customer care and resolved the problem and your data too....
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    Google Webmaster Tools data not updated since Feb 8

    Create and Installed in New A/C You need to create new account and installed new tracking code..Please also checked robots, sitemap are well and correctly placed and working fine or not!
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    We like the statcounter forum

    Always Like it Being a webmaster I did the too much work on this forum earlier for creating and posting threads along with interesting topics reply...Always Love to work Statcounter...
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    Ranking went down

    Please Stop Black Hats Technique Immediately Black Hats stop by Google long time ago why you Are still trying this, please stop using it immediately otherwise you get paid more for your website..
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    Determine how much time a visitor spent on a webpage

    Create Coding like Google Analytics Best thing to know the time spend by users in any website's page, you can put the code generated by Google analytic on you web pages. If you do not want to put it so just creates the coding for evaluating same with the help the Google Analytic. Its excellent!!