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  1. StatCounterJen

    Stats counter not working anymore

    Hi there, I'm sorry. One of our data centres had a network problem earlier which coincided with the time of your post. Everything was back to normal within about 15 minutes. Apologies!
  2. StatCounterJen

    Hooray for Statcounter (Newspaper article)

    Aw thanks guys! :oops: Thanks Lighthouse. Wonder if we walk past each other on the street? Say hello if you see us! Always a bit weird talking about yourself in these kind of situations. We're both happiest behind our screens... but sometimes we have to venture out! Thanks so much for...
  3. StatCounterJen

    Rippers Unknown

    Have you seen this thread?
  4. StatCounterJen

    Does the "Paid Traffic" counter work?

    Glad to help :) Note that we are trying to identify any additional ad networks that our members would like tracked (where possible) in the Paid Traffic area. If you have any suggestions, please do let us know.
  5. StatCounterJen

    Does the "Paid Traffic" counter work?

    The new paid traffic stats track all ad campaigns from google and bing ads automatically. Note that you must get actual click-throughs (i.e. you must have paid traffic) to your site in order for stats to be recorded under our Paid Traffic stat. If ads are simply displayed for your site, but...
  6. StatCounterJen


    Hi Skiye, On all our accounts (free and paid) we provide the company/organization info behind the IP address where it's available. Like this: Hope that helps!
  7. StatCounterJen

    Additional accounts in one log-in

    If you transfer a project/website OUT of Account-A and transfer it INTO Account-B, then the project is no longer in Account-A. Account-A is now empty. The project can only be viewed in Account-B. This means that if you transfer all your client sites into your own account, then you must set...
  8. StatCounterJen

    Google secure servers back in "came from"

    Thanks so much guys! That's two leads for us to follow up on anyway... will keep you posted.
  9. StatCounterJen

    Google secure servers back in "came from"

    Hi Bobby, Thanks for the extra info. On further investigation, I have learned that for a referring link to be classed as a "search" (and therefore included in "recent keyword activity" instead of "recent came from"), two things must happen: the search must be done via a recognised...
  10. StatCounterJen

    Google secure servers back in "came from"

    Hi Bobby, Nope - no changes should be going out live at the moment. (we make updates offline, test then deploy those changes at set times only - nothing deployed in last couple of hours.) Can you please keep an eye on things? Update this thread with any further odd things you spot so we can...
  11. StatCounterJen

    Page visit listings

    Bottom of the page - un-check the box for "display URL". Let us know if that works ok!
  12. StatCounterJen

    Google secure servers back in "came from"

    Actually... Are you seeing Google in "came from" or in "recent came from"? "Came from" has always included all referrers (including search engines). "Recent Came From" is non-search engines. "Recent Keyword Activity" is search engines. (sending you pm too)
  13. StatCounterJen

    Google secure servers back in "came from"

    Thanks Bobby - will ask techs to investigate...
  14. StatCounterJen

    my projects are gone???

    I would hazard a guess that you have more than one StatCounter account... and you have logged into the old/inactive account. Happens quite a bit. You can request your log in details again in case that helps: If you need further assistance, contact...
  15. StatCounterJen

    What a shame!

    I'm very sorry to hear that you didn't receive the assistance you required. Can you give me your support ticket ID so I can review the advice you were given? Alternatively, you can PM me your username or email address. Many thanks.
  16. StatCounterJen

    Printing layout/formatting fail

    What stat are you trying to print out? Have you noticed a csv/excel file download link beside most stats (upper right corner)? Could this help i.e. give you the info you want in a format that's easy to send on to a third party?
  17. StatCounterJen

    Stats page blank in Safari

    Super. Thanks for the update.
  18. StatCounterJen

    Stats page blank in Safari

    Folks, May I assume things are working ok for you all again? Please post back if anyone is still having problems.
  19. StatCounterJen

    Stats page blank in Safari

    It always happens like that, doesn't it?!
  20. StatCounterJen

    Stats page blank in Safari

    And Bobby - just to clarify - you get this AFTER clearing your cache and cookies? (clearing cache and cookies has worked for all other affected members so far...)