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    If Google Owned Everything

    If Google Owned Everything, Whatever you think of them, it seems like Google is slowly conquering the World. But what happens when they finally claim victory, when the company owns absolutely everything? Show us life under a Google regime...
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    Microsoft Introduces Exchange Hosted Services

    Microsoft Introduces Exchange Hosted Services 30th March 2006 New licensing model and road map for hosted solutions offering unveiled. Microsoft Corp. today announced new branding, a new licensing model and the road map for Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services (EHS), formerly known as...
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    46 Questions to Design a Successful Web Site

    46 Questions to Design a Successful WebSite 1.Who is your target audience and how will you reach them? 2.What product or service will you offer? 3.Is there a market for your product or service? 4.Will you sell affiliate products or services? 5.How will you design your web site? Will...
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    Need Help Developing Portal System for my City website

    Dear Firends, I need help to Develop my City Portal System, i know Development envernment of ASP, SQL Server 7.0/MS Access. Plz help me to find related script.