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    Statcounter free service is brilliant!

    This free statcounter is simply brilliant. The insights are amazing to me. thanks
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    What is the best seo metric now that pagerank is dead

    Hello all, Can any other webmasters advise me the best closest to pagerank that is out there. I have been told it is Majestic's Trust flow as it measures between 1-100 the value of your links as opposed to the quantity.
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    Help With My Hotmail Video

    Hi all, I have a question. Once a video is up on youtube is there anyway at all to trim it. my video Hotmail needs some work done on it but is there anyway that i can block certain text or trim. I am rather sure enough that I can reupload it and maintain the view count. So many people must...
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    Is the free version generous enough?

    I used to think the free version was great. Is it better to limit stats or is it better to offer unlimited trial? Some websites offer unlimited trial for a month. Others offer restricted use with upgrade. I always wondered what works best.
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    Is Statcounter US Owned?

    I wanted to know where in the world is statcounter owned? Is it American like most of everything succesful today online?
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    Do Google Employee's Determine Page One Results Of Competitive Keywords

    Hi all, Does anyone know if google use real human hands to decide what websites get top 10 listings for very competitive terms? my video hotmail has been worked on by seo team for 6 months and simply cannot get above page 2. Now the reason I ask is because hotmail changed it's name to outlook...
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    Does anyone target bing search instead of google?

    hey folks,does anyone focus on bing search or yahoo search or any others and not google? i am wanting to get into these engines but there is so little info about seo in bing. it produces utterly different results much of which is nowhere on google and vice versa. any ideas how good it is to be...
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    Can you please tell me how to install code on my hosted forum

    Hi all, There are so many options but I cannot seem to be able to install my code into this forum I simply cannot seem to find the right format. Is it impossible on these forums or am I missing something thanks
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    Can I Ask a Question About My Video Color?

    Can I ask you guys because you know a lot more then me about design stuff. I chose a yellow background to my videos purely because I feel it stands out the most. From you guy's point of view what color catches the eye the most. I think it is yellow and orange. I am pretty certain it is not...
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    Do The USA and Canada Follow The 2014 World Cup (soccer)?

    Do you guys in the USA and Canada follow the world cup in Brazil this summer? Or is soccer just not the thing in these countries?
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    Does Google Search Use Real People As Well As Algorthyms?

    I am amazed how good google's algorythym is. They say it is like a very intelligent group of people selecting the best sites to rank. But recently I read they use people to rank the first few pages especially competitive queries. I also am baffled by their youtube algo. It shows videos in the...
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    showing up in serps for keywords I didn't intend

    I show up in serps for keywords I never targeted but not the ones I did? Is google going mad?
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    Is there anyway to eliminate mobile users from facebook adverts?

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me if there is a way to only advertise to pc users on facebook? You see, video in stream ads play only on large devices not mobile phones. I want therefore to only get visitors to my vidoes by pc users pay per click. If no one knows this does anyone know good other...
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    Is Social Media SEO the Future Now?

    Hi there, I recently read a lot about social media links been responsible for around 70% of ranking factors off page. I am talking about google + facebook, tweets etc. But my tests seem to suggest old style backlinking still works better. My theory about linkbuilding is that a webpage needs...
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    Has Automatic Spam Detection Gone Too Far?

    Hello all, I like to use a third party website to log all my links so I can check them and keep seeing what ones are doing best and how I can improve them. Thing is because I log many each day I keep getting spam warnings. Most big 2.0 sites now have automatic spam filters. But have they...
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    A curious question for Statcounter!

    Hi there all, I was wondering lately, the man from Dublin who set up statcounter did he make a fortune from it? I ask this because many years ago now I read an article I cannot find now about a man who developed the idea of statcounter. It was during the bubble when many great...
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    Are Google Keyword Tools Accurate?

    Hi all, I often use google keyword tool to see search volumes but of late I wonder if these figures are at all accurate. For example one keyword combo said to have 25,000 a month searches on average and when I was top of google for this phrase I only got around 100 hits per month. Is there a...
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    Has link building gone mad?

    there are so many firms offering automated seo, it is crazy. Profiles that mean nothing in serps. Am I alone in thinking that domain name and content is now king again?:confused:
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    Has anyone noticed a recent drop in Adsense earnings

    My earnings have halved since google announced less favourable share prices. Has anyone else here had a drop in adsense earnings. Mine come from youtube.
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    Anyone Betting On Romney?

    Hi all, I am thinking of betting on Obama for a largish amount of money. I live in the UK and think Romney hasn't a chance as he is bound to make serious gaffs. Obama is cool and never seems to slip up in a major way. From folks in the USA am I right that Romney has no real hope? Give me...