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    Not tracking visits from mobile

    It's not so much the javascript code that needs to be permitted, but rather, at the very least, third party images, because that's how tracking is done.
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    Moblile Came From entry page not recording

    If the mobile version of a page has the tracking code on it and the settings of mobile user's browser do not prevent tracking (which often is the case by default) then the hit will be recorded.
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    Website hacked any advise?

    That code has nothing to do with any code from . It's from 2 different sites and at least the js script might have been infected with malware.
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    SEO Tools

    Content that's well organized, and following all of Google's guidelines. Avoid creating location spam. Good unique pages, unique titles and description meta tags. The only SEO tool you need is your head and common sense.
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    Website hacked any advise?

    What problem? You had your site hacked? There are 2 types of hacks: malware and spam. Sometimes a spam hack also contains malware. Using ads from some ad servers may introduce 3rd party malware. To test to see what kind of hack and to get information on clean up procedures you can use the...
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    Digital Marketing PPC

    PPC = Pay per Click. There's no link to SEO because it's based on advertising and all such links MUST be nofollowed. You get traffic. You also have to spend money for every click.
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    SEO Tools

    Stick to Google's guidelines. It's all about your content. Don't engage in building followed links either directly or indirectly.
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    Track QR Code

    The hit to the url built into the QR code will be registered. What may or may not be registered is the actual referrer. It won't say it's a QR code anyway, but maybe the site providing the QR code resolution, it's probably a redirection, likely by javascript (which usually won't be captured...
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    How to add blog at statcounter

    Add a new project in Statcounter for your blog url. Generate the tracking code and follow instructions for how to add it to your blog's footer.
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    Does anyone facing problems with new wordpress updates

    No problem except for the frequency of core updates and many plugins and themes. There's something to update every day and sometimes more than once a day. If you have highly customized themes or plugins there may be problems keeping them in line with the core WP.
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    SEO questions

    No, not balance, absolutely no do-follow backlinks that you or somebody working for you creates. None. And forget about disguising this activity in any way. It will be discovered just the same. Be warned.
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    SEO questions

    Beware of link building. If the links are followed they are considered unnatural and Google will penalize the website.
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    Moblile Came From entry page not recording

    Yes but as I said many mobile users have settings that prevent tracking altogether.
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    Moblile Came From entry page not recording

    You have 4 hits recorded at 2:09:46 pm, 2:12:00 pm, then 2:15:10 pm and 2:15:42 pm from the ISP called Ebox. they are marked as being from Toronto but I am actually in a Montreal suburb. Geo databases hardly ever resolve my IP correctly, but it's always been that way (many shades of wrong). No...
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    Moblile Came From entry page not recording

    I just visited directly from the email I received. You should see a hit there with no referrer. NB: is the same page as so you need to take care of this so as not to create duplicate urls for the same pages...
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    Bug - delayed visitor stats

    Sometimes it happens that transfer of information to the server where your tracker is hosted is delayed.
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    Stopped working on blogger

    It works just fine, I can see the counter total going up. I see this: visitors since 2006
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    Moblile Came From entry page not recording

    "Came from" represents the url that is the referrer to the url being visited. If the visitor's browser blocks the transmission of the referrer then it cannot be detected and recorded. Often mobile devices are set up that way. Also if the mobile version is loaded via javascript or as a...
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    Best CMS for website design

    Any CMS which you can control properly is OK.
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    put StatCounter on Blogs

    You can put Statcounter tracking code on any website that you control.