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    Moblile Came From entry page not recording

    When mobile users visit our client's site, they are redirected by our .htaccess file to the mobile entry page: If they click, view full site, they are then sent here: I am not getting any hits to the mobile index page...
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    Where to find project ID and security code for wordpress plugin

    The plugin says "The installation process will detect your WordPress installation and provide you with your Project ID and Security Code". So the plugin is activated but when I go to reinstall project and select it is not giving me my project ID (which I can get from the default...
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    No access to my forum settings

    I can't seem to access my forum settings, like to add a profile picture. Can someone check my account please? Don't see a more relevant forum for posting this request. If there is, please move this request. Thanks!
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    Password not working, email account no longer exists, how to change password

    We did a website 7 years ago and added statcounter (of course). The person who's email we used is no longer at that company and the email account no longer exists. The statcounter login is no longer a valid username/pw combination. If I ask to reset the pw, the reset link is sent to a no...
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    using beta release, can't click anything after login

    I'm on firefox on windows 10. Log into statcounter, it takes me to the projects summary page. I can click the menu on the right but nothing on the page works, including I believe it was working fine yesterday. Help??
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    Google Webmaster data is only available up to 7 Nov. Data from that day has been incl

    I'm seeing this on one of my client's statcounter pages when we go to keyword analysis: I searched but could not find any info on what this is all about. Help?
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    Does the "Paid Traffic" counter work?

    Only a few of our clients use pay per click, I believe they are all google ad campaigns. When I check the statcounter listing, it does not show any clicks. I don't think that is right. Is this working? The sites are:
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    blocking cookie or IP from mobile devices

    A larger number of my clients are using mobile devices to view their own websites. Today one of my clients wanted to know how to block his and his business associates hits to his website so I explained the IP address and blocking cookie methods. He replied that he wanted to know how to block...
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    Invisible counter displaying "StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter"

    For a website we set up, the counter was set to invisible. No changes have been made that I am aware of. When I visit the homepage (which I had to do today for the first time in a long time), down at the bottom where the invisible statcounter is it says "StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and...
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    Blocking Cookie Disappears in FF every day

    In firefox I have accept cookies, accept from 3rd parties, keep until they expire, and NEVER delete cookies or clear them. However my statcounter "all projects" blocking cookie disappears every day or every other day. It sometimes stays for a few days. I do not have antivirus deleting this...
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    Statcounter on Facebook

    I can see from the FAQ that back in '08 we could not use statcounter successfully on facebook. Any update that might allow us to use it now?
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    Suspicious "came from" links

    I am getting a bunch of suspicious came from links in one of our clients logs. They look like the kind of links that are there so that when you click on them you will have a drive by virus put on your computer. I am going to paste some below but please use extreme caution when clicking on...
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    Unique visitor count incorrect?

    Statcounter is showing 3 unique visitors for yesterday. Looks like one visitor in the period of 2 minutes to me... Day Date Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors Sunday September 7th 2008 3 3 3 0 Date Time Browser OS...
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    Daily hit from Portugal

    The forum I put up for SEO (see my footer link) has practically no content that anyone would care about. Still, nearly every day, I get a hit from portugal. I have no clue why? Anyone have any idea?
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    Will statcounter in forum record search engine visits?

    OK so let me try this question again, away from the email controversy: I have a forum I set up for some seo: I am using a regular javascript coded project to see if google or other bots are indexing my forum. If you look in the footer of every...
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    Statcounter in email footer and other ideas

    I'm actually using statcounter invisible html only code in my email footers - both yahoo and outlook. This allows me to see when someone opens my email (I think) but never has a referrer (html only). I wonder if I used the regular javascript statcounter code if my emails would end up in...
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    google came from links not clickable anymore

    Some of the links such as this one: Jul 1506:16:25 PMFirefox 2.0.0Windows ( [Label IP Address]
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    Search engines queries listed twice every time

    This started happening several months ago. Under recent pageloads, the first page and the last page for each visit are always the search engine hit. It should only be the first pageload. I'm sorry I don't know how to describe the problem well. Perhaps I can paste in what I'm talking about...
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    Visits not being logged

    Never mind, somehow we lost the statcounter coding on our homepage. Sorry for the false alarm. Thanks Arne!
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    Move "came from" formatting on Recent Pageload pg

    I always have to scroll to the right on the Recent Pageload Activity pages. If the "came from" line, which is already on the 3rd line, was moved over to the left, this would eliminate the scrolling 99% of the time. It would be formatted slightly less beautifully, as all the paths would no...