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    More problems for toyota !!

    Yes, with Toyota reportedly the "world's largest car maker" I suppose they have to be cut down to size. Remember, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Politicians do it (discredit opponents ranking higher in polls), why not car makers? I offer these links (hope they remain current)...
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    Blocking Cookie Disappears in FF every day

    I run spybot as well, and on two computers at different locations. On one computer, I was always getting statcounter blocked after running spybot. The other, not. I uninstalled and reinstalled spybot, so I would be starting fresh, and have not had that problem. As to the issue of...
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    Google Chrome OS announced - thoughts?

    If no internet access, no apps, no computer functions, no computer. On the opposite side, running conventional operating systems, if I never used my computer on the internet, my computer would boot up very fast. Case in point: two computers I bought - one without any internet or intranet...
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    Googled and gagged

    Sorry, I wasn't being judgemental, just stating what I'd heard it called. Like Car Guy, I have used Google to find phone numbers as well as email addresses when I have had a rash of telemarketers or spam emails.
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    How do I get more traffic to my website?

    Writing original content can exercise your brain, thus offsetting the tendency we have to dull down by watching too much television. I need to log off now. There's a show coming on I want to watch... :grin:
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    cant veiw own website

    Some routers can also be configured to block content. Most modern browsers have this feature as well. However, if your computer just hangs, I suspect your hosts file. It's in different places on different operating systems and different versions of the operating system. You probably...
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    Googled and gagged

    I think Googling one's self is called ego-surfing. Don't feel bad. More than a dozen years ago (has it been that long? time flies) I used my email address to register at a forum. Bad idea, but I didn't know it at the time, and I assure you I was "fully mature" at the time.
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    Turn Your Trash into Treasure

    I've never been to the Antiques Road Show. I imagine the lines are quite long and the offerings quite varied. Might make a good documentary for someone to tackle. The results would probably be quite entertaining.
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    remove one ip from log post event?

    Can't change history. Nor would you want to. Because of this, some have used (uneditable) stats to good purpose, such as in helping authorities or proving the advertising worth of their site. I'd go with the suggestion to start now with a clean slate and block the developers in the future...
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    How do you create a page (article) in Wikipedia?

    wow ! I thought you had to be an editor to edit. You mean anybody can do it? Somehow that's just wrong! :( Nice page though. Good job. Makes me want to make a page, but I don't know what to write about....
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    Blocking cookie not blocking my IP address

    Many of us have less hair than before for just this reason. But there is help available. Someone else may have suggested this, but in the text of your post, you can post a link to the page or pages that you are having trouble with. That way, we can look at the source code and try to puzzle...
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    Blocking cookie not blocking my IP address

    Did someone mention FIFO on the cookies? One of my browsers seems to give up the Statcounter blocking cookie sooner than the others. There is a limit to the number of cookies a given browser can keep track of, and first in first out on the overflow. IP blocking works if you have a fixed IP...
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    If you upgraded Firefox on both computers, you can't do this, but if not, look at the differences between one and the other in their settings.
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    Cannot generate blocking cookie

    Ah yes. That's what the third link above talks about. In spite of this, I had SpyBot unlock and edit my file once.
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    Don't know what hit me - but one computer is shot

    Just another thing to remind me I am fortunate to have gone as long (this time) as I have without a serious infection (over two years now). I know a guy who had happen what you just did, and that is why he has switched to Linux. He started by using Puppy Linux, booted from a live CD, to...
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    This thread is a good example of how this forum really helps people. I've found many such threads that helped me out and I wasn't the original poster. We live in an age that's puzzling. So many people want so much exposure (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace), while others want such privacy (anti...
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    Cannot generate blocking cookie

    Each time you update your anti-spyware or anti-virus, you need to check to see if the update has blocked statcounter (common). Check your hosts file as well. Read:
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    wish there was a way to contact people who visit my website

    If they are posting in your blog, you can post a reply and invite them to send you an email. Of course, you'd need to make your email address available (inviting spam) or use a form-to-email script (google that). I think this is one reason some sites ask you to log in and create a user...
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    Minimum healthy conversion and enquiry rates?

    Where did you get that Frank? I'm not disagreeing, I just have not heard it. Perhaps I need to read more.
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    Minimum healthy conversion and enquiry rates?

    Wow - a big break for me on the gallery subpages - just the right amount of nav at the top - thanks. Thank you also for slowing down the rotation of index page images. If index page image size is a problem - you might choose a single image that loads at random from a list of images when the...