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    Help with Imagebots?

    i just checked again and it's because of AdBlock in my firefox.. strange check it, when you visit the site with adblock enabled the top banner is blinking and shaking, but once I've disabled it, everything is ok. weird first time i saw it :p don't worry you're ok :razz:
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    Help with Imagebots?

    very good site, but when I clicked it, it started shaking .. that's annoying :p try to get some relevant links and the bots will come. Text you put around the image is also important for its ranking :)
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    how do i track visitors on my myspace?

    well said :P Agreed with you on this, myspace is just for kids and for fun
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    explained: how google pagerank is calculated

    that all are mostly assumptions and things google released in their first patent in 1998, so lots of things have probably changed, but the general idea is true, pagerank is a function of links and one of the factors that determine page's ranking in google
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    Cool Tool..... has this been posted before?

    hehe ok, I'll wait another year and check back then ;)
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    Thank you StatCounter!

    yeah very simple and easy to use, great softare :)
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    Cool Tool..... has this been posted before?

    WOW, great tool! it couldn't determine my site's ago though for some reason, even though it's just 4.5 months old :o I've bookmarked it :)