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    Facebook bots

    I'm used to, (& welcome) google bots and yahoo bots, but today I got a facebook visit from facebook?!? Does Mark Zuckerberg need an imagesetter? He can probably afford several billion, maybe he's setting up a moonlighting operation? Why are facebook sending bots, are they setting up a search...
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    Browser Hijacking

    I am quite aware of browser hijackers, they take your search page off to their own page that hosts sponsored links so that they make money. (Aside: Google could stop them tomorrow by NOT PAYING THEM!) I mistyped a url today and found myself redirected to an 'advanced error' page supplied by my...
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    Cookie law postponed for a year :-)
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    Google Redirect Links

    When a search has come via a redirect link, what has the searcher done? Is it the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button there seem to be quite a lot of them??? Does the searcher see the original search page or not?
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    Google changes it's algorithm

    This seems to have made a significant change to the search results?
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    What on earth is Google doing this for!

    Google Street View has captured and published the GPS locations of MAC addresses of wireless routers. If you know the MAC address you can find the physical location! Why would they do this?
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    Google includes the load time in their stats

    ...but only a bit...
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    Refering link gives 404

    I have a referring link that just gives a 404 error, it's from Google, anyone got any ideas why a Google search comes up with nothing...
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    Stats Page Stats

    I interested in knowing when my public stats are viewed, is this possible?
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    Show my IP address in the menu bar

    I'm using a 'strange' broadband whilst on hol. and the IP address gets reassigned periodically which is a pain. Could you give us an IP address on the menu bar by my username? Thanks
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    Global Stats

    Global Stats are lovely - thanks.
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    nknown referring link

    What does a referring page of nknown indicate?