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    301 redirect to new project

    Hi all, i am a long time user of statcounter for my projects. One of my projects was using the statcounter code, but now i have redesigned the site and relaunched, but i have have left old code as it is and used 301 redirection so that my search engine rankings do not suffer. I also created...
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    How is my article?

    how is this article that i wrote for my website, MN Tech Solutions ? i am basically explainaing what Theeta CMS is and some of the features of Theeta CMS and what a content management system is and what it does and how it makes our lives easier. :D so fire away guys, tell me how it is...
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    At last after a years worth of labour and hard work....

    Theeta CMS Version 0.0 Stable Release Launched !!! Download Now!!! ... i have finally almost completed my first ever proper stable version cms. friends, Theeta CMS Version 0.0 Stable Release is now in its final stages of completion. the main development, coding debugging has been done...
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    help required in deciding

    hey all, as u all know i am developing a content management system. i am in a fix. after spending approximately a year working on it so far, and when i eventually complete it how do i market it to the masses and which path should i take? either open source or sell it for a price like...
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    updated logo, how is it?

    hey guys, i have been playing around with my logo of MN Tech Solutions. I have removed the tag line, "Building Customized Software" and i have renamed MN Tech Solutions to MN Tech Solutions .net how is it ?
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    bought a new domain name for my company

    hey all, i at last bought a new domain name for my company. i had my sights set on it for quite some time but could not buy it as it was already bought by someone in the past and it wasnt even being used. so yesterday i was actually planning to buy, but instead bought...
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    google /gmail not working

    hey guys for some reason i am getting the dns error whenever i try to open or my gmail. i dont have problem with any other site so far. is there a problem with my internet connection ?
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    IE8 a major security issue. users and develeopers be warned

    hey all, while i was working on my cms system when i discovered a major security threat. i had faced the same threat in the other browsers and ie7. the threat was that the sessions were keeping my user logged in if i opened a different website using the same cms system even if that user didnt...
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    help in deciding a name for a social networking site

    hey guys i will be building a social networking site for a client and i need a name for the website. i myself can not come up with something new. though i have thought of "theets ". originally it was theeta but i changed the last character. help please .....
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    how is the new theme ?

    hey guys ive made a new theme which is a combination of two of my other themes. the new theme is, the other themes are, this new...
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    how does the shadow type thing look ?

    hey guys, how does the shadow type thing look? the dark gray div around the light gray div is the one that i am talking about. does it even look like a shadow, and does it look good? thanx in advance the design is...
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    Critique a new design please

    hey guys, would u please crtique this new design that i have made for my cms. this design will not grow vertically or horizantally when fully developed. i will restrict the amount of characters allowed in the content area. thanx in advance.
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    die hard 4 programmers an awesome bunch

    hey guys has anyone seen die hard 4?? man the programmers were just awesome. i know that we can burn a processor with just 4 lines of an assembly language program, but can we blow up a pc as well??
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    new logo, please comment

    hey all ive had another go at making a logo. its for my company MN Tech Solutions which i am setting up. at this small size the text in the screen is not that much readable, but u can read it from the big version. give ur critique please, small version big version...
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    Questions about content management systems

    hey guys as u all might know that i have been working on a cms system for quite some time. what i want to know is that as potential users what would you like to see in a content management system? what are the features that you want to see in it? also tell me what are the short comings that...
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    latest update on my cms system... sneak peak view of the home page inside !!!

    hey guys, the work on my cms system as u all know that i have been working on since last july is going on well, but slowly due to my studies. though i am building the new system and adding new features as i go along. i have just edited the homepage of the system. the four boxes that you see...
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    hey all, making a new logo

    hey all how are you all ??? :D im making a new logo for the company that i am working on, typically a software house. as you all also know im developing a cms system which is about 50 percent complete but due to studies work on it has slowed down. any ways i still have to fill in detalis...
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    two more unique visitors to reach the big 10k

    hey guys, my site will be crossing the 10k unique users mark anytime now, as only two unique users are required. mmm it has taken about 2 years and a couple of months to reach this monumental feat for my site. i am thankful too all those who helped me in times of need...
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    c++ confusion

    ok guys, i can not figure out the following problem that i faced just a while ago while trying out some filing in c++. the code is as follows: when i take input from the user and then output that into a file it works, but when i take input from the file immediately from the file i cant do...
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    table display problem

    hey guys, i have encountered a small problem. currently my table layout is as is shown in the image. wat i want is the categories with the same id to merge into one, and all the relevent forums come under one category like phpbb and the other...