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    Why change Recent Visitor Activity format again??

    Hi, I remember how upset I was when you added [Label IP Address] to Recent Visitor Activity section. It still screws me up as I used your layout for years and had to make manual clean-up ever after (to remove that nasty piece of text). Now I see you made another poor choice by replacing...
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    JavaScript returns 0

    Hi, Not sure when it started but I now realised that your code that was correctly working for ages began displaying 0 as number of visitors. I do see visits tracked inside my account but on the page it shows 0. Did you change you JS code recently? I didn't do it for several years. I use...
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    Unicode glitches

    Very often (since recently), on the Recent Visitor Activity page, there's only text "resolving... (999.999.999.999)" and nothing else. If it happens, say, on 15th entry on this page, all the following entries (out of total 20) are showing the same message. Also, there's JS Unterminated string...
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    CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE visitor_path_selection SELECT MAX(t) AS max_time, ip_number FROM standard_log_temp WHERE 1=1 GROUP BY ip_number ORDER BY max_time DESC LIMIT 0,20 Why do I see this SQL instead of the requested screen? You're debugging something right now or what? Can you stop it for a...