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    Initial support, statcounter with adsense

    Hi recently I have registered here since other users' recommendations to combat invalid clicks on adsense and avoid bans. Now, in my mind, I have thousands of daily clicks on adsense, since the sites have heavy traffic; There is way to filter users have 2 clicks or more on google adsense...
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    Exit link activity not working

    Hello everyone, I am new to StatCounter, I installed Statcounter script as per directed in my homepage widget sidebar. But Exit link activity isn't working. kindly help me, Thanks a million in advance.
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    Review My website

    Hi, I runs a technology blog named can you all please review it once as i am planning to apply for adsense
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    Adsense Exit Link Recorded When No Adsense Ads in Page!

    Hi, I have seen threads about Adsense exit links being recorded by StatCounter and being higher than in Adsense. I have been getting click bombed and trying to identify the culprits to report to AdSense. My ads have been disabled since 5:33 Oct 30. Statcounter is still recording AdSense...
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    Disparity between SC exit links and Google Adsense clicks

    I've found something like this problem in the forum before but haven't seen any definitive response. So I don't know if it's truly a bug, or somehow a misinterpretation on my part. This is one of the discussions: I see my google adsense...
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    Exit Links - Mostly oogle adsense? Not Normal

    I signed up a week ago to statcounter. I am confused on the below exit links. Exit links sometimes shows to actual ad link URL which is usually very long, but today I see something strange. Are these actual ad clicks? Analytics and Adsense shows 10 ad clicks so far today (which is HIGHLY unusual...
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    Adsense "Google Adsense 160x600" link

    Hi all, i have the same problem with many users last days, exit link show Ad sense reports as "Google Adsense 160x600" and 0 earnings to my Ad Sense account, i read many post to the web but i don't find any answer, did anyone find the problem? Thanks for advice! I also check the code to ad...
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    I have several Google Adsense towers in my site, but no ValueClick ads that I know of. Yet SC regularly tracks long visits from ValueClick to multiple pgs. of my blog. Anyone have any idea what's going on & whether it's kosher?
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    Exit link showing someone else's Adsense Publisher ID

    Hi all, My apologies for posting this again (I posted it in the lounge this morning but have had no replies and it does involve my Statcounter stats - please feel free to delete the earlier post). Today I logged into my statcounter stats and noted that on two separate visitor paths there were...
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    Adsense and Exit links

    Hi there, I noticed something wrong while looking at the exit link activity. In the statcounter log there is an exit click on an adsense ad. The strange thing is that statcounter pretend that the click was made from my ip address. I'm sure I didn't click any ad, and my browser history agrees...
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    I know some of you are adsense publishers, because some of them have referred about Statcounter. Then I need help, I've only Public Service Ads displaying on my site. I don't wanna use adsense help forum to make questions. I prefer to use adsense help forum to answer. I hope suggestions for my...
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    Accidentally Click on Adsense Exit Link

    I clicked on an adsense exit link in statcounter by mistake. Does that mean I just clicked on my own adsense link?! When I clicked on it out of curiosity, Statcounter showed a picture of what the banner ad looked like I believe, but it didn't take me to the website of the banner ad. I am...
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    Exit Links and Adsense - Adsense Is saying im not getting clicks!

    Hi, i've been using statcounter for about 2-3 weeks now. I reset my stats on August 22, because in the first couple of days on statcounter, i was working on my pages and hadn't banned my ip from showing on the stats, so i prefer accurate data. Anyway, Statcounter is showing exit links, and I...
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    StatCounter Shows More Adsense Clicks than Google Does

    Hello All, I searched for an answer to this, if there is one already on the forum I missed it. Please direct me that way. Not long ago, someone started click bombing my AdSense account so I installed a WP plugin called Who Sees Ads so I can control how often ads are displayed. It created...