1. hashmuk

    Does stat counter provide heatmap for website along with stats

    I want to add stat counter to my site but i also want to know that it provide heat map or not. Actually on my site there is a post named as gbwhatsapp apk and i just want to know that how a user interact with my site. Please guide me to get the best of it.
  2. M

    Stat Counter and Google Analytics

    Please explain how they are similar and different. Thank you Anthony
  3. A

    Conflict with Analitics in WordPress ???

    Hello: I am having trouble with my 0Qey gallery in Wordpress. I contacted them and their answer was: "...We do not inject and SEO or analytics code into your pages, please describe the errors or attach snapshot of the errors your are receiving when trying to upload. Also check that your...
  4. D

    Using StatCounter and Google Analytics

    Does anyone know if there is any type of conflict (javascript or otherwise) with using Google Analytics AND StatCounter at the same time? I want to run them both so I can compare stats.
  5. R

    Google Analytics and Stat Counter

    My question is this: if iam using Google analytics, can i use Stat Counter ? iam n00b as you can see, but sice both services give you stats on your users etc, i have this doubt:confused:
  6. T

    statcounter or Google analytics?

    I read in another forum that installing google analytics on your site will give better visitor info but more to the point give your site more 'favour' in google's serps. I tend to think this might be just baloney but I am not that experienced in SEO and stuff yet. I see that google analytics...
  7. O

    Growing - no, exploding - stats discrepancy

    Hello, I'm coming here to report a bug/malfunction with the Statcounter engine. While I rely on Statcounter on a daily basis because this system is SO easy to use, I have also installed Google Analytics on my main website, because Analytics is a required reference in the industry as soon as...
  8. J

    I am up and running with StatCounter

    I was told about StatCounter and that is was as good as or better than Google Analytics. So I came to the forum to read up on it and was intrigued enough to try. I just added the invisible code to my WP blog ... and now I wait ... ... besides it's time to go to bed. Look for my next post...
  9. S

    Can't work out tracking

    I have a site that sells an affiliate product from Clickbank. My Statcounter tracking works fine. When I make a sale through Clickbank I can see that the sale was from Great Britain and was made on the 29th May. When I look up my stats I can't find any visitors from Great Britain. With another...