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    Can I stop a particular crawler from showing on my stats all the time? Thanks
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    Block whole country

    I am trying to block the stats recording a specific country as I am not interested to view any information about that country. The ip range block facility allows me to block ip addresses using wildcard *. This is fine for few ip addresses like your own ip etc. But for whole country it's not...
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    Any expert in writing .httaccess file?

    Hi! Have a pretty good .httaccess file now. Lots of proxies and a lot of well know "bad" webcrawlers and some unwanted visitors IP adresses. I have two questions. 1. I would like to direct different visitors to different errorpages. Is this possible? The structure is like this...
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    Online Store Stat shows IP but Stat Counter doesn't

    I don't understand why this person's IP address is showing up in my "who's Online" in my store, but not stat coutner? This person is logging TONS of pages, but Stat counter still isn't showing it over an hour later. They keep coming back and doing the same thing. Is there a way to block their...
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    Help, I can't create blocking cookie

    Up until recently the blocking cookie worked fine. And now when I select "Stop logging my visits" it shows me confirmation by changing the button, but when I re-enter to the page again I see "Stop Logging my visits" again. And I check whether the cookie was actually created - and it's not. I...
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    "don't log site owner" cookie doesn't work

    Am I the only one who is having this issue? I do NOT want stat counter to log my own visits to my site, especially when I'm working on it! Even so, it keeps doing it. I tried clicking "Create blocking cookie for all projects" button, but the sentence above it doesn't change from: "Your...
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    Ban Hits From Traffic Generating Websites

    Hi, everyone. Here's a suggestion to the Stat Counter team: put a setting in which users can block hits from a certain domain such as Traffic Era or Traffic G (Traffic Generation) as there seems to be a person who keeps sending invalid hits to my site via these websites. These traffic generating...
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    Mutiple visits from same IP

    I understand that this would be easier with the url of the website but I'd prefer not to give it 'live'. If anyone is interested in helping me understand this, then I would be happy to PM the url. Anyway, there is a site which has statcounter, google analytics and Joomla stats. Recently while...
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    Statcounter Not Blocking Visits

    The blocking cookie page says my visits are not being logged, and my varying IP address is under the IP Blocking settings...yet still all of my visits are being logged. I don't understand! :( I tried searching the forums for while, and I came up with somebody having a similar problem in 2005...