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    Blocking cookie issue after getting new cable modem

    Two weeks ago my cable modem went out and I had to buy new. It created a new IP for me when I activated it, and now I can't get blocking cookies to work. My project > blocking cookie page tells me I have a blocking cookie even though my stats show my own hits to my blog, as though I don't have...
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    Blocking cookies not working

    My blocking cookies are not working, it says I have a blocking cookie for each project, but my traffic is clearly showing me on some of the projects I'm working on. I have tried clearing them all and putting back, but they are not working.
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    Blocking IP range

    It would be nice to block and IP range, or individual IP numbers as we published our web site and a number of staff have been view the website and their visits are logged of course. We have a block of 16 fixed IP addresses and I don't want to tour round each machine creating a blocking cookie...
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    Blocking cookie stops working with private browsing in Safari 5.1

    I just updated my browser to Safari 5.1 (build 6534.50) and I notice that the blocking cookie function stopped working properly. I normally leave "private browsing" on all the time and wish to continue doing that, but I see that in order to get the StatCounter blocking cookie to work, you have...
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    Blocking Cookie

    Everytime I log on I have to create a blocking cookie. I understand if I clear my cookies I would have to block my IP again, but this is not the case. What more can I do other than continue to create a blocking cookie each time I log on to my blog site?
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    Blocking Cookie works in IE but not Firefox, help

    I've been using statcounter for about a year, and it has always set a blocking cookie just fine in both IE and firefox. Today, the 'create blocking button' quit working in FF, but it still works fine in IE. I've tried clearing cookies in FF, checked to see that it is set to accept 3rd party...
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    Tracking code in edit site

    Apologies if this was already addressed, I have taken a look and can't see this exact issue referenced. I use a browser based (Firefox) edit environment locally to check web pages prior to ftp to my live sites. Obviously each page is complete with statcounter tracking code as well as google...
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    Blocking won't work right...

    Hi Everyone, I've recently installed StatCounter on my blog, and I love the functionality... but I'm having trouble with my log files. My first action upon installing Stat Counter was to try and set the blocking cookie on my machines. No problem, and according to StatCounter, it's not...
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    Blocking Cookie doesn't work Firefox/Joomla

    I have successfully used the blocking cookie for several years on non-joomla sites. I just put up a site using joomla, and the blocking cookie does not prevent StatCounter from logging my visits; the cookie does work properly when I use Safari. This would be annoying but manageable except for...
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    Have to keep redoing the blocking cookie - why

    I keep having to redo the blocking cookie for all my projects - why does this keep happening? It has gotten to the point that I have to check every time I log in. And when it does, do I go in an redo the counter on each page?
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    Blocking cookie not blocking my IP address

    This is a continuing problem and one that apparently can't be fixed. As of a few minutes ago, according to Stat Counter, my visits were not being logged. But they are and have been. In the past I have been able to stop the logging/counting of my IP address by going to the tools (or whatever...