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    Firefox private browsing blocks statcounter

    It looks like the private browsing mode in the new Firefox v. 42 is completely blocking statcounter. Can anyone suggest a workaround or maybe some way to delay the setup of the tracking code till the browser is quiet?
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    How do you block a city from Recent Visitor Avtivity

    How do I block a specific city from showing up in results? I'm getting a bazillion hits from Lenexa , Kansas and it's distracting to sift through these. I'm assuming it must be generated by some type of automated bot. If this is a human, they've got a a terrible obsession. Thanks in advance...
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    IP blocking not working?

    My IP address recently changed, so I added it in IP blocking in project settings. I also checked the box to block the IP address in all projects. My IP (and another one I want to block) still show up it the stats. Never had this problem before so I am wondering if something changed. Do I need...
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    Blocking Cookie works in IE but not Firefox, help

    I've been using statcounter for about a year, and it has always set a blocking cookie just fine in both IE and firefox. Today, the 'create blocking button' quit working in FF, but it still works fine in IE. I've tried clearing cookies in FF, checked to see that it is set to accept 3rd party...
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    Blocking of ranges of IP addresses

    Our web site, Mostly Food Journal, and others, has recently suffered a 50% drop in page loads, starting on or about 22 June. Couldn't figure out what was going on, as our Google ranking has stayed the same (no.1 for certain searches). Today we found that in the IP Blocking setting there was an...
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    Online Store Stat shows IP but Stat Counter doesn't

    I don't understand why this person's IP address is showing up in my "who's Online" in my store, but not stat coutner? This person is logging TONS of pages, but Stat counter still isn't showing it over an hour later. They keep coming back and doing the same thing. Is there a way to block their...
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    Firefox automatically sets to block cookies for

    Hello, I use Firefox 3.6 to access Since a while I don't know when exactly my login cookies for arent saved anymore. Now I figured out that firefox is set to block cookies from If I set it to allow or to default (which also is allow) it sets...
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    Blocking multiple independent accounts

    Hi, I've seen a couple of posts on this subject (and a poll from which I've taken my post heading) but no solution. I'll restate the problem from my perspective: - My business partner and I have a shared interest in a particular web site - He and I also have...
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    Help, I can't create blocking cookie

    Up until recently the blocking cookie worked fine. And now when I select "Stop logging my visits" it shows me confirmation by changing the button, but when I re-enter to the page again I see "Stop Logging my visits" again. And I check whether the cookie was actually created - and it's not. I...
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    Statcounter Not Blocking Visits

    The blocking cookie page says my visits are not being logged, and my varying IP address is under the IP Blocking settings...yet still all of my visits are being logged. I don't understand! :( I tried searching the forums for while, and I came up with somebody having a similar problem in 2005...
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    Block Stats From Specified IP (s)

    Hello, I was wondering if it might be possible to block the display of hits from specific IP addresses. The use of a blocking cookie is not working for me. There could be two ways this might work: 1) Prevent recording hits from a specified IP 2) Record all hits, but filter the...